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Antarctica Empire of the Penguin Opens at SeaWorld Orlando

It may be hard to imagine, but in just a few short days you’ll be able to experience the frozen climate of Antarctica in the middle of a hot spring day in Orlando.

On May 24, guests to SeaWorld Orlando will be whisked away to a land where penguins roam and ice surrounds in the highly anticipated attraction – Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.

It’s been more than a year since we first heard about the park’s possible venture into Antarctica. Since then Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin has become the largest and most impressive expansion in history, covering four-acres and featuring a trackless, high-tech track, an underground viewing area, a restaurant and a gift shop not to mention the largest artificial penguin habitat ever built!

Imagine a rock wall separating you from 250 real-life penguins. That’s exactly what you’ll encounter on the new Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. Gentoo, King, Adelie and rockhopper penguins have taken up residency at the new attraction and are nearly within fingers reach. But before you try and touch the animals signs warn you against it, plus it’s 30 degrees inside the attraction so you might get chilly before you get brave enough to attempt to touch a penguin!

Prior to the ride, the queue will snake you around 50-foot glaciers and icicles. Once you get inside the ride area, you’ll start to feel the colder temps. Your first stop is the drying room that sucks out the humidity as you watch a two-minute movie about Puck the penguin, who you’ll be following in the ride.

The ride itself seats up to eight guests that glide along a trackless navigation system that makes you feel like you’re sliding over ice. There is no set route, making the ride different every time. You can even pick which intensity, low-or high you’d like to experience on your adventure.

SeaWorld Orlando did an excellent job creating a very real and life-like recreation of Antarctica and the penguin habitat that lives on the icy land. As you slide along you’ll be completely immersed in what it feels like to actually be in Antarctica with icebergs and hundreds of penguins walking around you.

After the three-minute ride, guests will step into a colony of 250 penguins of Antarctica who waddle through the snow around you. If that 30-degree weather gets a little too cold for you, you can check out the underwater viewing area nearby, where you’ll be able to watch the penguins swim and play behind a massive window.

Stay tuned for more details on Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin after its grand opening this week. In the meantime, you can experience the new attraction for yourself with discounted SeaWorld Orlando tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.