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VIP Stable Tour at Arabian Nights Dinner ShowWith 50 gorgeous Arabian horses and 20 very talented performers it is no wonder Arabian Nights is the #1 Dinner Show in Orlando. And now guests will be able to experience those gorgeous horses and incredible performers like never before with Arabian Night VIP tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets!

The Arabian Night VIP admission gets you into stables for a behind-the-scenes experience you won’t forget. Your VIP night begins with a backstage tour of the horses that grace the show and the performers in the Sneak Peek Stable Tour. Prior to show time guests with the VIP admission will get access to the beautiful four-legged creatures in their stables where they will experience the horses pre-show ritual as well as how the performers help the animals prepare for their night in the spotlight.

As you walk through the stables, you’ll be able to watch trainers brush and braid the horse’s tails, marvel at the shiny horseshoes that line the walls and even pet some of the horses. Kids will even get to sit on a horse for a picture! Arabian Nights performers will also be on hand answering any questions you may have about the show and the horses and will even sign autographs!

After the up-close-and-personal encounter with Arabian Nights’ horses and performers, guests with VIP tickets will take their Sultan Seats (which are guaranteed by the way) in the first three rows of the huge equestrian arena for a very educational pre-show. The pre-show will give you even more knowledge of the horses, introducing you to many of the breeds and allowing you to see some of the techniques used to train the horses. Guests will also learn about the equipment used as well as hear about what goes on in the day of one of Arabian Nights’ horses.  As you watch and learn more about the show, dinner will be served and VIP guests 21 and up will be able to enjoy unlimited Bud Light or California blush wine all night long.

Arabian Nights current show is The American Princess and revolves around an all-American girl who realizes on her 21st-birthday she is actually Princess Scheherazade. What ensues is a magical journey full of good and evil as Princess Scheherazade takes the audience on a lighthearted adventure to find her prince – who must love horses as much as she does of course!

For an insiders look at Arabian Nights’ performers and the incredible horses that make up the show, look for discounted VIP tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets. Trust us; you’ve never seen Arabian Nights like this!