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Best Photo Spots at Universal Orlando

If you haven’t stopped taking pictures since you got your first digital camera then it’s no surprise you like a good photographic moment, and what better place to capture the memories than at Universal Orlando? Amongst the many rides, shows and attractions are plenty of great photo ops with some iconic Universal characters you definitely want to see!

The Hogwarts Express and Platform 9 ¾ - Pack up your luggage and get ready for a trip to Hogsmeade at the train and 9 ¾ platform. This spot at Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure is one of the most popular photo ops in the park as guests clamor around it to witness the train that takes you to Hogsmeade. Here you can stand next to the conductor, pretend the luggage nearby is yours or just grin as big as you can in front of the train as you begin your Wizarding World of Harry Potter adventure.

Hogsmeade Village - You can snap a photo pretty much anywhere in Hogsmeade and not be disappointed with the outcome. Surrounded by shops like Honeydukes, Ollivanders Wand Shop and more, Hogsmeade Village looks exactly like you believed it would when you watched the movies, making it a great spot to capture your magical time there.

Marmaduke – Toon Lagoon at Islands of Adventure has tons of classic photo ops but perhaps the most impressive one is with the loveable Great Dane Marmaduke. Guests can try their hardest to “walk” Marmaduke as he sprints ahead, leaving you flying up into the air behind him as you desperately try to hold on to his leash.

T-Rex - Watch out behind you, it’s a T-Rex! After riding Jurassic Park River Adventure at Islands of Adventure put on your best terrified face and snap a photo with the gigantic T-Rex himself as he comes through the trees, barring his sharp teeth at you. You can even stand next to the Jurassic Park SUV and hide behind the vehicle as the dinosaur angrily emerges from the trees for a terrifying photo!

Jaws – This iconic ride may no longer exist at the park but that doesn’t mean you can’t still pose with the giant shark in its new spot beside Lombardi’s in San Francisco. Here the massive shark hangs from rope on a wooden frame. His sharp teeth are still exposed, warning guests to stay out of the water! Like T-Rex this is another great photo op to show off your scared face!

Gru’s Home - There’s not a more unusual house in Universal than Gru’s home from “Depsicable Me.” With unique architecture, purple shutters, and a clock nestled into the front this spot is another great photo op. Here you can pretend you’re a mad scientist or a girl scout selling cookies as you knock on the front door of the home.

Doc Brown’s Delorean and Time Train – Travel back to the future with Doc and his Delorean from “Back to the Future I and II” as you snap a phot in front of the memorable sports car across the lagoon from Disaster: A Major Motion Picture Starring You and near the Animal Actors On Location. You can also pose in front of the time train from “back to the Future Part III.”

SuperStar Parade floats – Universal’s newest daytime parade is chalk full of your favorite Universal characters from Dora the Explorer to SpongeBob SquarePants and even those little yellow minions from “Despicable Me.” As you watch the parade float by you’ll have the opportunity to pose for a picture with your favorite characters like the Pink Berets and E.B. from Hop.