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Summertime almost always calls for a little water fun. And if you want to splish and splash away without going to a water park Orlando theme parks have plenty of ways to get wet that don’t involve wearing a bathing suit, (although sometimes that is recommended). Here are the top splash zones at Orlando theme parks. Warning some don’t involve water!


Pirate’s Cove Live Water Ski Show - This unique show at LEGOLAND Florida takes guests on a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas as water skiers try to take back Lake Eloise from pirates. The show also has an interactive element that allows kids to soak and get soaked by grabbing hold of the show’s soakers and soaking each other. It’s fun to get the water cannon and soak the Lego Pirates, but be warned; they will totally soak you back.

The Quest for CHI – The new interactive water ride, The Quest for CHI takes riders through magical waters where you will unleash the power and battle for the powerful energy source CHI via water cannons as you journey through the diverse world of Chima. As you fight the evil Cragger the Crocodile King, there is a good chance you’ll get splashed with those water cannons! The splash area for this ride is all along the ride, where spectators can take water cannons and shoot the riders. Unsuspecting spectators in the splash zone will get soaked and it’s funny too. The water cannon shoot lots of water really fast, one spray can leave you drenched.


OrlandoOne Ocean – A Shamu show at SeaWorld Orlando isn’t a Shamus show without a splash zone! And the park’s newest orca production One Ocean gives those sitting in the first few rows exactly that – a ton of water splashed onto them as Shamu uses his mighty tale to whip the water over the edge! If you’re unfamiliar with the splash zones and don’t want to get wet we recommend not sitting in the first few rows. Blue Horizons and Sea Lion Tonite also offer their own surprise splash zones!

Universal Orlando

Jurassic Park River Adventure – It’s no surprise you’ll get wet on this river raft ride that takes you through the jungles of Jurassic Park. But what may surprise guests is the splash zone area next the where the River Adventure vehicles makes its big Splash. I’m pretty sure you can get even more wet standing in the splash zone watching riders go down. No matter where you are, it seems you’re never safe from Jurassic park dinosaurs!

Blue Man Group

Splatter Zone Seats – Surprised that Blue Man Group is on our list of best splash zones? Well you shouldn’t be because the Orlando show has one of the most spectacular splash zones of any listed. But you won’t find yourself getting soaked by water but rather several different types of food and even paint! If you’re sitting in the splash seats there’s a chance marshmallows, Jell-O, Captain Crunch and even Twinkies will hit you! Luckily for you, you are given a poncho upon entering the theater.

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