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Dark Legions Scare Zones at HHN 22

As stated in prior posts, this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios offers no designated “scare zones” but instead features roaming hoards of characters that can pop up anywhere, at any time. The Dark Legions, as they’re called include The Iniquitus, zombies, beats, warriors, prisoners, and traditionals and they will find you and make you scream no matter where you are in the park!

The Iniquitus are a group of characters that look very similar to the grime reaper, who have summoned all of the other undead to the park for Halloween Horror Nights. They are the only thing that brings the other characters together at this year’s event and its obvious they are the leaders of the undead as they stand high above the rest of the crowd on stilts summoning guests into the park. The Iniquitus aren’t the chase you down or pop out at you type, but they are nonetheless terrifying to look at.

The vampires however are much more mobile as they quickly move about the park, desperately searching for their next victim. Dressed in all black with blood dripping from their mouths and sharp fangs emerging from their mouth ready to taste your blood, these beings come in all shapes and sizes and are easily the scariest and quickest of the Dark Legions.

Lurking outside of “The Walking Dead” haunted house are a few stray “walkers” who continue to find somebody to feed on. These undead are the closest you’ll get to an actual scare zone and are very entertaining to watch as you wait in line for the house. Gapping holes, rotten teeth, torn flesh and ragged clothing make these “walkers” look like they just came off the set of “The Walking Dead.”

Halloween isn’t Halloween without the traditional Halloween-inspired characters like witches, trick-or-treaters, and pumpkin heads and at Halloween Horror Nights you’ll encounter all of these traditionals but they may not be as fun as you remember when you were a kid.

Perhaps the most vocal of the Dark Legions, the beasts are the creepy creatures who loudly growl and bark at anybody who crosses their past. Dressed in black cloaks with fang-like teeth and disfigured faces, the beasts rival vampires for scariest of the Dark Legions.

What’s scarier than hearing a chainsaw fire up in the darkness on Halloween? How about a group of angry female inmates toting the power tool? That’s what you’ll come across as dozens of females dressed in orange prison suits chase you down the dark streets of Universal with a revved up chainsaw in hand.

Then, there are the Warriors. These masked men dressed in black march in sync through the streets of the park showing off their sharp swords and ninja-like moves. They may not seem as horrific as the rest of the Dark Legions but because they don’t look as frightening they seem to elicit the most screams as they sneak up from behind.