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DinoQuest 2 at Tampa's Lowry Park ZooIt’s getting prehistoric at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. Thanks to the return of the popular exhibit DinoQuest 2 guests can now take a Jurassic journey with 22 life-like and life-size dinosaurs for a trip back in time you won’t soon forget!

Now through May 28, Tampa Lowry Park Zoo guests will be able to experience a new kind of animal encounter, one that will hurl you back thousands of years to a time before humans roamed the Earth. In this incredible exhibit guests will come face-to-face with 22 animatronic dinosaurs that move, blink and even roar for an experience that’s all the more real! A few of the dinosaurs you’ll bump into include meat-eaters Tyrannosaurus rex, Coelophysis, Baryonyx, Dilophosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus and Dilophosaurus and the plant eaters, Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Omeisaurus, Plateosaurus, Massospondylus, Stegosaurus and so many more.

Aside from encountering the prehistoric animals, DinoQuest2 will also let guests tap into their inner paleontologists as they learn more about these dinosaurs with an “I Dig For It” fossil dig site, where you can uncover different dinosaurs bones. There is even an opportunity to experience the speed of a Velociraptor on the speedy Velocity Raptor Slide. This incredible slide will have you zooming down not one, not two but three slides at speeds you won’t believe. And finally, you can even interact with one of Dino Quest’s many dinosaurs at T-Rex Robot. See how the animatronic dinosaurs work and even try your hand at controlling one at this interactive exhibit.

If you want to see what these ferocious creatures look like at night don’t miss DinoNites. On select nights through May 25, you can experience what it’s like to walk amongst dinosaurs in the dark of night! In addition to the fear of not knowing what you may run into in the dead of night, DinoNites also gives guests access to a few of Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo’s many attractions including the Jungle Carousel, Tasmanian Tiger Family-Roller Coaster, The Overland Express Kiddie Train Ride, Outback Bumper Boats and Gator Falls Flume Ride.

And while you’re checking out DinoQuest2 don’t forget to explore the rest of Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo’s many animals and exhibits including Safari Africa and Ituri Forest, Wallaroo Station, Asian Gardens and Sulawesi Aviary, Free Flight Aviaries, Florida Manatee and Aquatic Center, Primate World, Birds of Prey and many more.

For a Jurassic adventure back thousands of years to the days of dinosaurs don’t miss Dino Quest, now through May 28 at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo with discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.