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Retro Pins and more celebrate 30th anniversary of EpcotThis fall Epcot ® will be celebrating the big 3-0 and while there are sure to be plenty of extra magic in the park like anniversary shows, parades and fireworks guests will also be able to take a piece of the milestone anniversary home with them with special Epcot ® 30th anniversary merchandise.

Walt Disney World’s ® Design Group is currently creating some exciting merchandise that guests of all ages will want to take home with them in remembrance of the milestone anniversary, especially since each item will play off the 1980’s with vibrant colors and bold fonts that are sure to take you back to Epcot’s ® opening day. Among some of the items are throwback Epcot shirts, a baseball hat and Disney’s ® signature pins.

Many of the anniversary items, especially the T-shirts will be adorned with the number “82” and Epcot’s signature landmark the “geosphere” otherwise known as the Epcot ® Globe. Since Epcot ® debuted on October 1, 1982 you can expect to see the number “82” generously placed on the anniversary items.

Epcot ® guests can already start enjoying the special commemorative merchandise in the park. Mouse Gear in Future World has several shirts with the above-mentioned “82” and Epcot ® globe featured. But it’s all just a taste of what’s to come. This October, Epcot ® enthusiasts can expect to see several new T-shirt designs, some featuring classic Epcot ® characters like Figment and all reminiscent of the 1980’s.

 If you’ve always loved the designs of Disney’s ® pins you’ll love what they’re creating for this special event. There will be four different 30th anniversary pins to choose from, including one that offers a gorgeous stained glass effect and says “ I Was There” with Mickey Mouse and Figment sporting old-school space suits. Three of the pins are limited edition so make sure you scoop them up when you come to celebrate with Epcot ® in October. The other one is a Passholder-exclusive open edition pin.

And if you’re idea of celebrating an anniversary involves a toast make sure to be on the look out for the Epcot ® shot glasses. There are four in total that feature the old Epcot ® symbols and, you guessed it, they all feature those bright colors of the ‘80’s.

Stay tuned for more Epcot ® 30th anniversary news. In the meantime get a jump start on your 30th anniversary celebration by purchasing one of the already-available T-shirts at Mouse Gear in Future World with discounted Walt Disney World ® tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets. And make sure you come back in October when the rest of the items are revealed.