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If you’ve already seen the movie, we know you probably still can’t get that awesome song out of your head (Everything is cool when you’re part of a...OK, OK, enough!).

So why not take the kids to LEGOLAND Florida, where they can spend the day meeting the characters from the new animated film The Lego Movie — with no President Business around to foil their fun or crush their creativity?

Usually, you’ll be able to catch Emmet and Wyldstyle in LEGOLAND, but with the return of The LEGO Movie Weekend at LEGOLAND Florida; there’s so much more to do!

●    Pose with LEGO Batman at Imagination Zone

●    Meet & Greet Emmet and Wyldstyle at Imagination Zone

●    Help create Emmet’s hometown Bricksburg in Miniland USA (Lord Business’ Lair, Benny’s Spaceship, Batwing, and more)

●    The LEGO Movie Scavenger Hunt in Miniland USA

●    Help build The LEGO movie Mural

●    Play The LEGO Movie video game

If you can’t make it to The LEGO Movie Weekend, don’t fret. Emmet and Wyldstyle appear daily in LEGO City, the kid-sized town at the heart of this popular park located just 45 minutes south of Orlando’s other theme parks. LEGO City is the perfect place for the world-saving duo since it’s home to LEGOLAND’s own Rescue Academy, where families can compete to put out a simulated fire and save the day. Riding around in pint-sized police cars, kids and their parents (because c’mon, we know even you loved The Lego Movie!) will feel like they’re the “Special” too.

After they’ve had their picture taken with Emmet and Wyldstyle, kids can also trade and collect minifigures from the new Lego Movie. Bring your own minifigures from home in the hopes of trading up to a new character from The Lego Movie, or buy the mystery packs at LEGOLAND and see who you get. Don’t worry if you get a repeat; they can keep trading with “Model Citizens” (LEGOLAND’s designated traders) all day until they have the collection of minifigures they were hoping to go home with.

And just as the LEGO universe in The Lego Movie was made up of different worlds like Bricksburg, the Wild West, and Cloud Cuckoo Land, LEGOLAND Florida is also home to a dozen different locations, from Pirates’ Cove to Land of Adventure and the medieval-themed LEGO Kingdoms. Each different themed area features rides, games and outdoor attractions. There’s even a water park with wave pool, water slides and a lazy river where you can build your own LEGO raft.

Sounds even more awesome than a double-decker couch, right?