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Dumbo play area at Disney World's Magic Kingdom

As we head into summer, it is inevitable that Orlando theme parks will be flooded with travelers from across the country looking to experience the most magical place on Earth during their summer vacations. And with that, come crowded parks and plenty of long lines for rides and attractions. This summer, Walt Disney World ® is doing something to combat the dreaded summer long lines – they’re removing them completely! Well at least for one attraction anyway.

In the new dueling Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride in the Storybook Circus area of the new Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom ®, guests won’t have to wait in the traditional ride “line” per say but instead they’ll enjoy an open queue big top tent where kids can play with interactive games and take in the sites and sounds of the circus while they wait to board the ride.

The big top will appeal to both adults and children alike with rope climbs, trampolines and other fun activities for the kids and air-conditioning and seating for the adults to watch their kids run and play.

Upon entering the queue area, guests will be given a circus ticket pager, which is not unlike a pager you would get while you wait for a table at a restaurant. Once the Dumbo ride is ready for you, your pager will light up and Timothy Mouse will inform guests when it’s their time to ride.

It seems the new Dumbo ride had been hinting at its new wait system even before the queue was open.  A “ticket window” with a clock that sits on top and blank banner space that we can only assume will be instructions for the distribution of the pagers has been standing outside of the ride since Storybook Circus opened its first phase in March. Dumbo’s new wait experience is just one piece of the excitement the new ride is bringing to Magic Kingdom ®. Just over two months ago, Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride underwent a mini facelift that included a new color palette, spectacular water elements and a rainbow of colored lights that offer a dazzling display when riding the elephants at night and the addition of a second “flying elephant.”

Both the second “flying elephant” and the new big top queue will open in July and will complete Dumbo the Flying Elephant’s enhancements.To experience Walt Disney World’s ® first-ever non-wait line and the rest of Dumbo the Flying Elephants changes look for discounted Walt Disney World ® tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.