Food for Thought


Now that Transformers: The Ride 3D has officially opened at Universal Orlando, the Orlando theme parks is ensuring guests are completely immersed in the Transformers universe with the addition of their very own Allspark, and a chocolate one at that!

That’s right on your next visit to Universal Orlando you may find yourself shielding the Allspark from more than just Decepticons. Your friends and family may also try and steal the chocolatey goodness that looks remarkably like the real thing! Not only is the chocolate Allspark made of delicious milk chocolate but it also looks exactly how you’d imagine it. Formed in a cube and colored in silver the Allspark features the designs of the original energy source from the Transformers films. The cube is 5.3 ounces of chocolate.

If you’re unfamiliar with what an Allspark is it’s the Autobots life source and is highly coveted by the Decepticons. In fact, the entire film series and the new ride, Transformers: The Ride 3D is based around protecting the Allspark.

If after tasting the chocolate Allspark you’re still hungry for battle you can also get a souvenir cup that’s the head of Bumblebee or Optimus Prime. You’re also able to refill it for $1.06. The Energon energy drink hasn’t been seen yet at Universal Orlando. If you recall from the film series, Energon is the preferred fuel of the Transformer race. Energon first appeared at Universal Studios Hollywood last year when Universal Hollywood’s Transformer ride made its debut. It has been described as a creamy orange soda and comes in a special Energon glass with a light-up cube. We hope to get a taste of the drink very soon in Orlando.

In addition to enjoying a chocolate Allspark, guests to Universal Orlando can also become a part of the Transformers story by stocking up on supplies at the Supply Vault gift shop. Items include all things Transformers like clothing, bags, souvenir cups and coffee mugs, masks, toys, action figures, and even cells from the series.

For a taste of the life source Allspark on your next trip to Universal Orlando look for discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets. And to become fully immersed in the Transformers universe make sure you take a ride on the new Transformers: The Ride 3D!