Food for Thought

Food on a cone at Disney World

On the heels of Walt Disney World’s ® announcement that Downtown Disney ® would undergo a multiple-year transformation and be turned into Disney Springs with more retail, dining and nightlife experiences Disney ® has also just announced amidst the construction and new changes coming, guests to Downtown Disney ® will be able to get their first taste of change with the new menu option: Conewiches.

Yes, conewiches! You’re probably wondering what exactly a conewich is and why it has us salivating. A popular menu option in Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure in California, conewiches are pretty much exactly what they sound like, a sandwich in a cone! Instead of using 2 slices of bread, conewiches are made up of a savory bread cone with all of the delicious filling stuffed inside. It’s a mix between an ice cream cone and a sandwich and trying one brings out the same excitement you feel when eating both!

Want to see for yourself? Conewiches are now putting smiles on Downtown Disney ® guests faces at Downtown Disney’s Marketplace. Visitors strolling through Downtown Disney’s ® many shops and entertainment offerings can now awaken their tastebuds with two new conewiches – a Chili Cone Queso with beef and red kidney bean chili and cheese, and a Meatball Cone with turkey meatballs in marinara sauce with provolone cheese – both served in a bread cone that puts the sandwich on a whole other level of deliciousness!

Marketplace Snacks is the first location at Walt Disney World ® to offer these delectable conewiches, but hopefully they’re not the last. The new “sandwiches” are $9.50 and come with Disney Chips. To make room for the popular menu item, Marketplace Snacks had to remove the BBQ Pork and Coleslaw Hot Dog and the Philly Cheese Steak Hot Dog. But fear not, the regular hot dogs and chili cheese dogs remain on the menu. And while Marketplace Snacks opens earlier, you won’t be able to enjoy either conewich until 11 a.m. (and sometimes 11:30 a.m. for the Meatball Cone) but they’re definitely worth the wait!

Make sure you stop by Marketplace Snacks for Downtown Disney’s ® newest sandwich. If you want to try more of Disney’s ® unique food offerings like conewiches, head to Downtown Disney, there’s bus transportation at every Walt Disney World theme park. And don’t forget to check back here for more news on Disney Springs including news on the food the new area will be serving up.