Food for Thought


You’ve heard of Drinking Around the World at Walt Disney World’s Epcot ®, but what about Eating Around the World? Because there are so many restaurants throughout all of Epcot’s ® many World Showcases, Orlando Fun Tickets thought it only appropriate to feast our way through the pavilions and today we start with the United Kingdom. Since its right across the Pond it makes for a perfect first stop.

When you think of the United Kingdom’s food there is probably one meal that comes to mind - fish & chips! And since it is what England is known for Epcot ® has made sure to include this dish into its United Kingdom restaurants. And so when we set out on our eating adventure in the pavilion we were on a mission to find the best Fish & Chips and here is what we found:

Rose & Crown Pub – Perhaps the most popular restaurant in Epcot’s ® United Kingdom pavilion is Rose & Crown Pub & Dinning Room. Serving up traditional favorites, this waterfront restaurant is a must try for English fare. Dishes include fish and chips, bangers and mash, vegetable curry and cottage pie as well as a kids menu of turkey meatballs and grilled chicken. Rose & Crown Pub also boasts a large selection of British beers, ciders, scotches and signature cocktails, the perfect way to begin and end a meal at this pub.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop – If you’re looking for the finest fish and chips this side of the Pond head to Yorkshire Fish Shop. This quick service restaurant in Epcot’s United Kingdom specializes in Fish and Chips -- in fact, it’s the only dish they serve! Easily the best fish and chips in all of Walt Disney World ®, Yorkshire’s Fish and Chips consists of two strips of battered fish with piping-hot chips on the side. You can wash it all down with a “draught” beer including Bass and Harp Lager. And if you have to end your meal with something sweet make sure you try the English cookies.

For authentic Fish & Chips without crossing the Pond and other delicious English food just head to the United Kingdom Pavilion in Epcot ® with discounted Walt Disney World ® tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.