Food for Thought

Halloween Horror Nights 22 Drinks and Eats, Blood BagsThere are certainly plenty of flesh-eating zombies and blood-sucking vampires at Halloween Horror Nights 22 at Universal Studios Florida but as you wander through the park, dodging the undead you may be wondering what there is for YOU to eat, that is if you survive the night of terror. Universal Studios made sure they covered all of their bases when they turned the Orlando theme park into a house of horrors and the details have trickled all the way down to the fiendish food.

As always, there’s several food carts located throughout the park but to keep guests in the macabre mood, each cart has been re-named to fit into the horror theme and there are a few new treats that you can’t find on a normal day in the park. Take for example the Twisted Taters cart. Featured at previous Halloween Horror Nights, this relatively new snack treat is just as twisted as it name implies. That’s because it is an entire potato that has been spiral cut, deep-fried and twisted around a stick. The result looks like thick cut potato chips and tastes the same too, except with a twist of course! Guests can choose from a variety of different flavored Twisted Taters including garlic butter, sea salt and sour cream and chives.

For a meal to die for you have to try Mel’s Die-In. Each Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios blacks out the R and V in Mel’s Drive-In for a more appropriate name for the ghoulish event. But before you go clutching your chest in fear, Mel’s menu is pretty much the same, the only thing that has changed is the name and the fear you’ll feel when you enter it!

All of the terror in the streets may have you wishing you had a little liquid courage to get through the park and its haunted houses. If that’s the case make sure you grab Halloween Horror Night’s specialty cocktail of the year, appropriately titled “Dead Walker” at one of the bars around “The Walking Dead” haunted house. And while you wait in line for the house, be on the lookout for bloodied nurses offering blood bags. This drink certainly isn’t for the squeamish as it really does look like a bag full of bright red blood! And we’ve heard the staff calling the turkey leg a zombie leg with the catch phrase, “You kill ‘em; we cook ‘em!”

If the sight of torn flesh, bloodied mouths and gaping flesh wounds doesn’t make you queasy make sure you fuel up between haunts and running from the scareactors with one of Halloween Horror Nights many ghastly drinks and treats.