Food for Thought

Japanese frozen beer at EpcotThe Japanese have introduced Americans to some pretty quirky food ideas over the years including sushi, edamame, natori and natto, all of which have become big hits here in the states. And now they are adding a unique drink to their list of culinary concoctions for us to enjoy – frozen beer.

Frozen Beer? Before you immediately say “no way” to the unique alcoholic beverage think about how warm your beer can get on a blazing hot day walking around Epcot ® at Walt Disney World ®. Even if you can guzzle down a beer like the best of them, Florida’s scorching temps often beat you to the punch and leave you with a less-then-cool beer and a sad face. That’s why Epcot ® has brought the popular frozen beer to its Japan pavilion and we think you’re going to like what it does to your drink and your mood!

Inventors at the Japanese beer behemoth Kirin came up with a way to freeze beer foam and place it on top of a glass of beer to keep the drink at its coldest. The foam is frozen to 23 degrees and is dispensed like frozen ice cream on top of the glass leaving the beer inside liquid but the top cool as a cucumber. So what does that mean? When the frozen foam is placed on top of the unfrozen beer it acts as a mini-refrigerator, keeping the liquid beer beneath colder for longer – approximately 30 minutes longer.

Bob Miller, dining operations for Mitsukoshi USA said when they first introduced the frozen alcoholic drink, "The guests were apprehensive, but very curious. But once they try it, they often come back for another and bring their friends - it definitely makes the beer colder and keeps it colder longer, which is a good think in the Florida sunshine."

The Frozen beer is one of the more popular drinks in Japan. It is served in more than 650 locations in Tokyo. But like most other Japanese foods it takes a while to catch on here in the states. The Japan Pavilion at Epcot ® is the only place in the continental U.S. where guests can find this super chilled brew and it is available at three different locations in the park - the Garden House, Kabuki Café and in the Tokyo Dining restaurant.

As the weather slowly starts to heat up you’re going to want to try this frozen alcoholic treat and you can do so with discounted Disney’s Magic Your Way ® tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.