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LeFou's Brew Magic Kingdom

It’s been over a month since Walt Disney World ® added more magic to Magic Kingdom ® with the opening of the new Fantasyland. And the area has already proven to be a big hit as thousands of visitors poured into the park over Christmas break to immerse themselves in their favorite Disney ® fairytale. So far one of the most popular areas to hang out in is Gaston’s Tavern where there isn’t a wall in the place that isn’t covered in antlers or pictures of the ego-maniac Gaston, and LeFou’s Brew is poured like wine!

If you’ve yet to visit Gaston’s Tavern, which looks like it was taken straight off the screen from the animated Disney ® movie offers a tasty mocktail designed to delight both kids and adults. Named after Gaston’s right-hand man, LeFou, who can be seen struggling to hold up his boss as he holds overflowing mugs in the statue fountain out front of the Tavern, LeFou’s Brew is a delicious treat that will make you feel like you’re really hanging out in the little tavern in a provincial village.

The concoction is a no sugar-added frozen apple juice with flavors of toasted marshmallow and topped off with a generous amount of passion-fruit-mango foam. It is available in souvenir steins adorned with images of Gaston flexing his enormous muscles (Beast is on the other side) and goblets that offer a glowing Belle in her signature yellow gown with fake jewels lining the top and bottom of the goblet.

Beyond the drink, Gaston’s Tavern also serves up warm gooey cinnamon rolls, which are a perfect accompaniment to LeFou’s Brew; chocolate covered croissants and savory pork shanks among other unique items.

If you were hoping for a cocktail and not a mocktail during your Fantasyland visit, you can still enjoy a little alcohol in the Beauty and the Beast area at the new Be Our Guest Restaurant. This is the first place in Magic Kingdom’s ® 41-year  history to serve alcohol. Beverage Director of Disney Parks, Stuart McGuire has said that serving alcohol at the new French restaurant is all a part of storytelling. He went on to say that “Beauty and the Beast” is set in France and the food available at Be Our Guest Restaurant reflects that including alcoholic beverages, particularly wine. There is also a small list of beers including France’s biggest beer, Kronenburg 1664 and two Belgian beers.

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