Food for Thought


Who doesn’t love a good BBQ, especially BBQ pulled pork? Well at LEGOLAND Florida you can take a bite out of the most mouthwatering pork wraps you may ever eat at The BBQ Pit, and you’ll be sure to be filled with their generous portions.

Serving up a unique twist on a southern classic, the BBQ Pit offers guests nothing but the stuff you really want, BBQ pulled pork. And once you try it it’s all you’ll need! You’ll recognize the BBQ Pit by its fence-like façade. Once you find it you’ll soon be sinking your teeth into a mouthful of delicious pulled pork smashed in between a pita for only $6. The sandwich almost has more pork than you can eat at one sitting, almost!

The wrap is literally just a huge scoop of beautifully seasoned BBQ pulled pork packed inside a white wrap with a side of coleslaw. There is so much pork inside we suggest that you grab a fork before sitting down just in case you lose some as you take a big bite. And don’t forget the napkins. This wrap, although tasty can be quite messy!

If all of that pork doesn’t fill you up you can make your meal a combo by adding chips and a beverage for $9.60. There are also Child Pork Combos, offering a smaller version of the pork wrap with chips and a drink for $6.99.

When you’ve satisfied your savory tooth head over to Granny’s Apple Fries and indulge in a little something sweet. Granny’s Apple Fries are just what they sound like, sliced apples fried and cut into fries. And if that doesn’t get your mouth watering maybe this will, each fry is dusted with cinnamon and sugar and served with a sweet vanilla whipped cream dipping sauce. Yum!

For a taste of one of the most mouthwatering BBQ pulled pork sandwiches you may ever sink your teeth into and some sweet Granny’s Apple Fries, look for discounted LEGOLAND Florida tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets. Stay tuned for more of LEGOLAND Florida’s tasty food options and their upcoming events like the park’s annual Brick-or-Treat beginning in October.