Food for Thought


Nothing goes better with a hot summer day at the pool than a cool and creamy ice cream cone. That’s why Wet ‘n Wild Orlando makes sure to offer guests exactly what they want – thrilling water rides with unique and refreshing summer treats like the Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich and Solar Freeze Parfait!

There are several places to grab an ice cream cone at Wet ‘n Wild but there is only one place that serves up the famous and oh-so delicious Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich. Just like it’s name implies, Wet ‘n Wild’s Carnival Treats offers the tastiest treats and food from a carnival including funnel cake, cotton candy, popcorn, foot-long corn dogs, hand-squeezed lemonade and the Ice Cream Waffle Sandwich! What exactly is this crazy dessert? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like – two waffles with a slab of vanilla ice cream in between, covered with powdered sugar and topped with hot fudge. They’re incredible and the perfect treat to refuel for another thrilling round of water rides.

If the thought of mixing waffles and ice cream doesn’t sound like a sweet treat you’d want to try then maybe the Solar Freeze Parfait will cool you off and satisfy your cravings.

This unique drink is made with 100% fruit juice and is frozen. But to get the awesome cooling and sweet effect you want, then add layers of Dippin’ Dots tasty ice cream to the frozen concoction than you’ll get a Solar Freeze Parfait. Talk about a cool way to beat the hot Florida sun!

And if you’re just craving a good old-fashioned ice cream cone head over to George’s Famous Ice Cream and indulge in vanilla, chocolate and twist soft serve cones, sundaes, strawberry ice cream, milkshakes and more! You can even get your waffle fix here with the new “Great Waffle Cone Sundae.” Except this time the “waffle” in waffle cone is just a tasty cone and not an actual waffle!

If all of those daring water rides has you in the mood for an equally as daring treat make sure you try the Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich at Carnival Treats and/or the Solar Freeze Parfait. And if those thrill rides have you looking for safe ground you can always relax with a nice ice cream cone at George’s Famous Ice Cream. Whichever you choose you’ll be sure to save right here on Orlando Fun Tickets with discounted Wet ‘n Wild tickets.