Food for Thought

Waffle Spears at LEGOLAND Florida

When a theme park that’s based solely off of the favorite childhood past time of building blocks comes to Central Florida you can expect plenty of imaginative fun both you and your children will love.  And you can expect that same creative spirit to pop up in the rest of the park’s offerings, like in the restaurants and food cart options. And that’s exactly what LEGOLAND Florida has done with its newest indulgent treat, Waffle Spears.

You heard right, Waffle Spears! LEGOLAND Florida has taken the typical breakfast food that’s usually drenched in syrup and topped with fruit and made it into one of the most unique and delicious treats you’ll want to eat beyond breakfast! That’s because it’s not just a waffle covered in syrup but a waffle shaped like a spear, sitting on a stick covered in such gooey goodness as melted chocolate with sprinkles and powdered sugar.

The oh so delicious Waffle Spear isn’t the first time LEGOLAND Florida has created unique treat offerings using everyday foods for guests to enjoy. In fact, The Granny’s Apple Fries (warm Granny Smith apples cut into strips and dusted with cinnamon and sugar with a side of vanilla cream for dipping) have also proved very popular, but LEGOLAND Florida park officials believe the Waffle Spears may be the next big treat.

"The spears are incredibly unique to Central Florida. No other theme park in the area has them," Legoland spokeswoman Jackie Wallace said. "We brought the waffle irons in from Germany. The batter is made fresh at LEGOLAND."

In addition to the Waffle Spears, guests can also indulge in the new Sunny’s Ice Cream Shop, which features hand-dipped, Breyer’s ice cream in six different flavors – vanilla bean, chocolate, rocky road, cookie dough, strawberry and rainbow sherbet.

And if you need a real meal before dessert, head over to The BBQ Pit across from the Coastersaurus for your not so typical BBQ. Here LEGOLAND chefs have created Southern staples with a twist such as the pulled pork served on flatbread with cilantro-flavored coleslaw.

In total LEGOLAND Florida now offers as many as 13 food stands and restaurants, along with a number of food carts carrying frozen novelty treats, drinks and other items to keep guests refreshed and satisfied all day long.

To taste a Waffle Spear or the rest of LEGOLAND Florida’s many sweet treats and food offerings look for discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.