Food for Thought


Just like its bowling, Splitsville at Downtown Walt Disney World ® brings a diverse offering of foods you wouldn’t normally expect from a bowling alley. From filet mignon to sliders, mahi-mahi and more, the fare at Splitsville is definitely a strike and one that will have your taste buds watering for days to come.

Under the guidance of celebrity chef Tim Cushman, guests can fuel up on everything from Starters like three-pepper calamari sautéed with cherry, jalapeno and banana peppers; seared ahi tuna; loaded alley nachos; mini-roast turkey club sandwiches; salads and edamame. Main entrees include impressive burgers like short ribs and ground beef, a triple-decker Mad King burger, a full pound with double cheese and bacon, topped with a crispy onion ring as well as well as other stand out favorites like slow-cooked pulled pork; blackened mahi-mahi; an 8-ounce filet mignon; and an array of pizzas. But, perhaps the most dynamic and unusual food item on Splitsville’s menu, and Orlando Fun Tickets’ favorite is the fresh-rolled sushi.

Serving up an impressive 12 different sushi rolls, Splitsville’s offering of this Japanese food is expansive and worthy of a taste, even if you aren’t interested in bowling. That’s due in part to Chef Cushmna’s ability to take traditional sushi rolls and put them on their heads with such unique combinations and creations as Bubba Roll, tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese and eel sauce; Vegas Roll, tempura shrimp, roasted red pepper, goat cheese and asparagus topped with seared filet mignon, avocado and siracha; Hawaiian Roll, tempura shrimp, mango, coconut, toasted macadamia nuts, roasted pineapples topped with mango salsa and many more. Even if you don’t love sushi, one of these incredible rolls is sure to make you a convert.

In addition to the delectable sushi and the rest of Splitsville’s first-class food, guests to the bowling alley can set a new bowling records on Splitsville’s 30 bowling lanes over its 2 floors. Perfect for a family night out, the alley also includes live music and dancing, outdoor patio seating, billiards tables and a merchandise shop. For guests 21 and up Splitsville turns into a nightclub every Thursday, Friday and Saturday when it’s second level serves up unique alcoholic libations, brings in a DJ and lets guests party into the wee hours of the night.

To take a bite out of the most creative sushi roll you may ever taste and experience the rest of Splitsville’s incredible food, bowling and entertainment make sure you hit up Splitsville at Downtown Disney ®.