Food for Thought


You can’t visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure without enjoying a meal from one of the area’s many restaurants, especially Three Broomsticks. In fact, this rustic tavern is where muggles go to get a taste of what Harry, Ron and Hermione ate during their visits to Hogsmeade. And one such dish that stands out on the menu is the Chargrilled Rib Platter with roasted potatoes and roasted corn on the cob.

Ribs at a theme park may seem like a risky choice but let us assure you the Chargrilled Rib Platter at Three Broomsticks is a melt in your mouth kind of dish you won’t believe. The tasty meal comes with a half rack of BBQ ribs adorned with a nice smoky flavored sauce that awakens your taste buds without overwhelming them. And as we mentioned earlier the meat is coked to perfection it falls apart on your fork. To accompany the ribs is delicious roasted corn on the cob and perfectly seasoned red potatoes with a hint of rosemary.

The Rib Platter is definitely one of Orlando Fun Tickets’ favorite meals at Three Broomsticks but it’s not the only one we give a thumbs up. If you want to try more of what the restaurant has to offer a great option for families is the Great Feast Platter.

A meal made for a family of four, the Great Feast Platter is just as its name implies, great! That’s because you’ll be able to try all of Three Broomsticks delicious main courses including Rotisserie Smoked Chicken, Chargrilled Ribs, roasted corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, McKinley Mash, Stronghill spinach and a fresh garden salad. There is also the Chicken and Ribs Platter if you don’t need that much food.

Other offerings on the Three Broomsticks menu include a traditional Shepherd’s Pie, a smoked turkey leg served with wedge fries as well as Cornish pastries filled with a beef, potato and vegetable mixture served with a side salad. There is also a soup and salad combination meal with your choice of potato and leek or split pea soups.

The little muggles can also enjoy their own menu items including pint-sized portions of chicken leg, chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese served with fries and grapes. There is also a child’s portion of fish and chips with grapes and applesauce.

And a meal at Three Broomsticks isn’t complete without a mug of Butterbeer! So make sure you head to Hog’s Head pub, located in the rear of Three Broomsticks and enjoy a tall class of Butterbeer, pumpkin juice and other beverages to go along with your meal.

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