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Freshwater Oasis opens at Discovery CoveOrlando is now taking visitors on a tropical underwater retreat at Discovery Cove’s, newest attraction Freshwater Oasis. This unique adventure is unlike any other Orlando has seen, allowing guests to come face-to-face with aquatic wildlife and exotic animals like never before.

Discovery Cove has long been known for their one-on-one dolphin encounters, where guests are given the opportunity to learn about dolphin behavior and communication as well as swim with bottlenose dolphins during a 30-minute interactive adventure.  Freshwater Oasis takes this idea of animal interaction one step further, giving guests the opportunity to interact with other exotic animals in a rainforest-type setting where wading and floating are the only ways to get around!

It’s not called an oasis for nothing. Surrounded by a rainforest canopy and sparkling waist-high water, Freshwater Oasis fits perfectly into Discovery Cove’s tropical atmosphere. And because all of the action takes place on the water, guests will have the opportunity to wade through the waters of the rainforest and interact with the animals that dot the landscape including small marmoset monkeys and playful Asian river otters.

Native to the rainforest, marmosets live in their own little island in the middle of Freshwater Oasis appropriately called “Marmoset Island”. The island is easily accessible to guests who don’t want to leave the water, letting you swim right up to it to experience the little monkeys. There is also a wall with a separate moat so you can actually walk on the island with the marmosets. Not fans of the water or getting wet, you can typically find the marmosets high above jumping from tree to tree.

It is the Asian river otters who aren’t afraid to get a little wet and you can see for yourself as you stand behind a glass enclosure watching them eat, play and fight (playfully of course) in their natural habitat.

And if you just want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the oasis that surrounds you, take a seat in one of the many sunken lounge chairs in waist deep water and enjoy a tropical drink from the swim-up lounge dubbed Flooded Terrace. Or take a float along the Tropical River that surrounds the oasis.

Freshwater Oasis is included in regular Discovery Cove admission but make sure you buy your tickets now. The Orlando theme park is limited to only 1,000 guests per day. You can find discounted Discovery Cove tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.

Freshwater Oasis is the latest of three new attractions coming to SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment over the next two years. SeaWorld Orlando welcomed the new 3D sea turtle attraction Turtle Trek in the spring of this year and Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin will replace the existing penguin encounter at SeaWorld in 2013.