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George Lucas at Disney WorldDirector George Lucas and Walt Disney World ® have struck up quite a friendship over the years. With the start of Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ™ today it ‘s only appropriate to highlight Lucas and Disney’s ® history together and the magic they’ve created for the Orlando theme park over the past years.

We can’t discuss the George Lucas/ Disney ® connection without highlighting the popular Star Tours attraction at Disney’s ® Hollywood Studios ™. Based on the original Star Wars films created by Lucas, the original Star Tours ride – Star Tours: Tour to Endor was the first Disney ® attraction based on a non-Disney produced film. After releasing Star Wars I, II, and III Disney ® decided to re-imagine the ride to cater to the newest films with Lucas in complete support of the project.

On opening day of Star Wars Weekends 2011, the Star Wars creator and Disney President and CEO Bob Iger opened the new 3D adventure “Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.”

The ride wowed audiences with its new 3-D motion simulator-based technology, which immerses guests in a Star Wars adventure they’ve never seen before. The result is a vivid and realistic visual experience of the Star Wars galaxy and all of its characters and even includes a brilliant score. Walt Disney World ® even worked with Lucasfilm, Ltd and Industrial Light & Magic – the groundbreaking visual effects division of Lucasfilm – to bring the attraction to life.

And believe it or not Star Tours wasn’t the first attraction at Walt Disney World ® that Lucas helped shape. In 1986, just before the soft launch of Star Tours, George Lucas was the executive producer of the 3D show Captain EO starring Michael Jackson at Epcot ®. After being closed for 16 years, Captian EO re-opened after an outcry from the public after the death of Michael Jackson, and the 16-minute film came back with improved sound, unforgettable music and imagery of some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  The film was directed by Francis Ford Coppola with Anjelica Huston and of course the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

Back at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ™, Lucas continued his production magic with a spectacular stunt show based on his successful adventure film series, Indiana Jones. In 1989 Disney ® and Lucasfilm teamed up once again to create one of the most thrilling shows in all of Hollywood Studios ™ - Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. The stunt show is executively produced by Lucas and brings Indiana Jones’ and all of his daredevilish acts to life in front of a live audience.

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