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SeaWorld Antarctica Empire of the Penguin

If you’ve been keeping up with SeaWorld Orlando’s newest attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin you’re probably well aware that the ride will offer brand new technology, unique ride vehicles, new characters and four species of penguins. And if you’re not here are the top things to get excited about for Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins.

It’s trackless- Unlike every attraction that moves, the ride vehicles for Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin aren’t attached to any track but rather glide along by themselves on the ground. There is also a motion-based platform that rocks the open cabin of the vehicles back and forth as well as a wireless navigation system that moves the vehicles freely throughout the icy adventure. This is the first time there has ever been a motion-based ride system on top of a trackless transport at any theme park attraction anywhere, and it really is amazing!

Ride Vehicles With Great Views – Regardless of your height, the ride vehicles, which have been modeled after penguins offer a low cabin profile. This means no matter where you’re sitting in the vehicle and no matter how short you are you’ll still get a clear view of your adventure through Antarctica. And you’ll need a great view because there is so much to see on this new epic journey.

Penguins – SeaWorld Orlando’s newest characters, the penguins are the heart and soul of this ride. As you ride through the chilly atmosphere of Antarctica, you’ll be able to watch as real penguins play, interact, walk and relax in their natural habitat. There will be four species of penguins including Adelie, which are the penguins you probably think of when you think of penguins. The tuxedo-like animals are one of few penguin species that are only found in Antarctica. The King are the second largest penguin species and instead of just black and white coloring, the King can be told apart from Adelie by the yellow on their chests and part of their heads. Rockhopper penguins are also recognizable by their yellow, except unlike the Kings, they have yellow feathers that stick out form their heads. They are one of the smallest penguin species and get their name from the way they rocket out of the water to avoid predators and from the way they are often seen hopping from rock to rock while on land. Lastly the Gentoo penguins are the fastest swimming penguin species and the third largest. They are recognizable by their orange feet and beak and have the longest tail of all penguin species.

New Characters (Puck) – Guests won’t just be able to watch the four penguin species they’ll actually get to experience what it’s like to BE a penguin through the eyes of Puck, the ride’s animated leader. Creative directors spent a lot of time studying how penguins, walk, stand and interact with other penguins in order to create Puck and the result is a very lifelike version, who will take you through a day in the life of a penguin living in the coldest, windiest and driest continent.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin opens May 24. Make sure you’re there for the opening with discounted SeaWorld Orlando tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.