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Killer Whale Splashes Summer at SeaWorld OrlandoWhile SeaWorld Orlando has added several new rides and attractions to its entertainment lineup over the years, the Orlando theme park is still best known for its famous soak-to-the-bone splash zones, preferably the shows where Shamu slaps his giant tale into the pool and water rushes over the side and into the first few rows of the audience. But the famous killer whale isn’t the only sea creature at SeaWorld Orlando with the ability to soak an audience. Otters and dolphins are also pretty good at keeping an audience cool all summer long. Here are some of SeaWorld Orlando’s best splash zones.

One Ocean – Perhaps the best known soak show at SeaWorld Orlando, One Ocean lets audiences not only feel the splash made by the giant killer whales, it also lets you feel the spirit and energy of the ocean. Both your shirt and your senses will get drenched in this multi-sensory show about the ocean’s amazing sea creatures and our ability to make a difference in this world. For a chance to get completely “soaked” in the ocean experience make sure you find One Ocean’s “splash zone.” Blue Horizons – Featuring dolphins, false killer whales, tropical birds and plenty of acrobatics, Blue Horizons incorporates everything that is spectacular about SeaWorld Orlando, including one wet splash zone!  In fact, the sea creatures in Blue Horizons do such an excellent job splashing water at the audience that Blue Horizons “splash zone” isn’t a splash zone at all but rather a “soak zone.” But don’t take our word for it, come experience the drenching show for yourself.

Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island – If you like some laughs with your splashes, make sure you check out Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island. SeaWorld Orlando’s funniest sea animals Clyde and Seamore will take audience members on a high-seas adventure full of lost loot, pirate plunder, hilarious hijinks and plenty of splashes for those who dare sit in the front row. And don’t forget to catch Clyde and Seamore in their summer nighttime show Sea Lions Tonite beginning June 23 through August 12 during SeaWorld Orlando’s Summer Nights.

Shamu Rocks - Deemed as the show that has “more flash and more splash than a rock concert” Shamu Rocks is one of the best shows to sail into summer with and offers one of the splashiest splash zones in the park. Only available during SeaWorld Orlando’s Summer Nights, Shamu Rocks offers the amazing talents of killer whales set to today’s hottest music. And as If that wasn’t enough to get you rocking this summer, maybe Shamu Rocks’ incredible splash zone will! If you really want to get the full Shamu Rocks experience make sure you sit in the splash zone!

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