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La NoubaIt’s one of the most spectacular performances you may ever see at Walt Disney World ®. It’s La Nouba and if you’ve never had the pleasure of watching these aerialists, gymnasts, BMX pros, and artists flip, twirl, fly and glide in this unbelievable show, you don’t know what you’re missing. Really, you don’t know because you can’t even begin to imagine the kind of stunts these talented artists perform. But Orlando Fun Tickets is about to give you a peak into the world of the Cirques (circus people) and Urbains (Urbanites).

The story is told in nine different acts complete with whimsical characters, music, acting, choreography and unbelievable acrobatics. And in each act, guests will marvel at the incredible feats of athleticism, grace and strength these characters perform during the 90-minute production. Here is a closer look at the nine acts in La Nouba:

Jongleur (Juggler) – Forget juggling balls, this incredible juggler throws hoops and clubs up into the air at speeds you won’t believe. And he doesn’t just catch them either he arcs and flies them into props and receptacles with amazing accuracy.

High Wire – High wire indeed! This astonishing act takes place on a 90-foot, half-inch wide steel wire. With incredible balancing skills, one high wire walker ascends to a height of 34 feet above the stage as another descends from the theater’s eight level to the fifth on a diagonal line! And they don’t just walk up and down the wires. These daredevils perform headstands, somersaults, wheelies on bicycles and other shocking stunts. 

Diablos – Featuring four young Chinese performers, this act involves two sticks linked by a string, which the performers slide, juggle and toss a musical wooden spool with while flipping in the air!

Cycles – In this act, two different BMX pro shows off their skills by performing twists, gymnastic turns, spins on one wheel, boomerangs, riding over obstacles, hopping up and down steps and so many more thrilling things to watch!

Aerial Cradle – With a prop that looks like a door, this act uses a man and a woman as they take turns supporting one another 34 feet high above the stage. As they do they execute gorgeous aerial acts that will leave you speechless and staring!

Aerial Ballet in Silk – Speaking of gorgeous performances, watch in astonishment as an aerialist wraps him or herself in red flowing ribbons that hang from the ceiling and flies around the theater using nothing but their incredible arm strength to glide and twirl on the ribbons.

Flying Trapeze – It’s exactly what it sounds like, but it’s way more spectacular to watch then you’d expect. A team of aerialists start 53 feet above the stage before swinging in tandem, flying and even switching places high above the audience.

Power track/Trampoline – Imagine jumping from a trampoline onto a building. That’s exactly what happens in this act when several artists use the trampoline to propel themselves onto props located on stage. Sometimes they flip backwards and land softly facing forward, other times they flip up and onto a piece of the stage. You never know what they’ll do next!

Skipping Ropes – This act begins with the Urbains skipping rope in a rigid rhythm. Then a vibrant dance breaks out and solo artists, duos and groups jump rope in formations, showing off their agility and speed.