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If you have kids, you’re probably counting down the days until they return to school, if they haven’t already. If you’re a kid you’re probably hiding under your sheets trying to hold on to the final days of summer. Regardless of where you are on the “back-to-school” bus or not, the entire family will enjoy getting back into the groove of school and learning at a few of Epcot’s ® popular attractions. After experiencing these attractions kids just may be excited for school to start!

Innoventions – Located in Future World in Epcot ® Innoventions is the perfect place to inspire the kids before they go back to school. Here, kids and adults will imagine, invent, inquire and be inspired in 2 pavilions filled with interactive and educational games, exhibits and activities.

If you decide to visit Innoventions West first you’ll learn about finance, computer technology and fire safety with such exhibits as:

- Where’s the fire? – This interactive exhibit will take you inside “the most dangerous house in America” where you will be asked to find the hazards of why it’s so dangerous. Once you’ve completed your mission you’ll then get a picture taken from a 30-foot fire truck. See how much you know about fires when you stop by the Burning Questions kiosk before walking through the Play it Safe maze.

- THINK – When you think about the world a little differently you’re able to change it and that’s exactly what this exhibit is all about. THINK will showcase our quest to make the world a safer, more efficient and more sustainable place.

- The Great Piggy Bank Adventure – There is no greater lesson than learning about finances and the Great Piggy Bank Adventure will teach kids the importance of saving. Using physical piggy banks and virtual P.I.G. (personal investment guides) this exhibit makes saving for the future fun!

Over at Innoventions East kids will enjoy hands-on activities based around the ways our world continues to change with such exhibits as:

- StormStruck – Have you ever been caught in the middle of a storm? Well StormStruck will put you in one and it’s up to you to protect your family and your home! Kids will even enjoy building a storm safety kit. This exhibit is a great safety tool for guests of any age, especially kids.  

- Habit Heroes – Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle in Habit Heroes. Here kids will take a series of interactive adventures with Quench, Dynamo and Fuel to help turn the world into a healthier place.

-The Sum of All Thrills – Math, science and engineer enthusiasts will love putting their skills to use to design a thrill ride! Determine height and velocity using an interactive touch screen, then hop aboard a 4D robotic simulator to experience the ride you’ve just created.

- Vision House – Find out how you can have a greener future with a look inside the Monteverde family home where you’ll witness green residential design, whole-home automation, energy generation, efficiency and environmental quality.

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure – Kids will be able to explore the world in this interactive exhibit as you join Agent P (Phineas and Ferb’s secret-agent alter ego of Perry Platypus) and help solve clues to stop the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s dastardly plans. As you scour Epcot ® for clues, you’ll stop at the Mexico Pavilion, Norway Pavilion, China Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, France Pavilion and United Kingdom Pavilion. Make sure to take in some culture from your trips and tell all the kids you traveled around the world this summer!