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Oysters Secret at SeaWorld Orlando

There are plenty of attractions at SeaWorld Orlando where you can watch the park’s aquatic animals swim, jump, flip and play from an underwater tank but there aren’t many that let you watch people dip and dive below the water to show off their swimming and diving skills. However, there is one– Oyster’s Secret, and it’s just as incredible as you imagined.

Not technically an attraction, Oyster’s Secret is a unique gift shop that not only lets guests take home some island apparel, specialty gifts and accessories it also lets you interact with incredibly talented divers inside a giant aquarium like you’ve never been able to do before.

This hidden gem feels more like an aquatic water show than a gift shop as professional free divers hold their breath for minutes at a time to perform underwater flips and tricks. You can easily spend 30 minutes watching as these “mermaids” entertain with bubble rings and bubble heart kisses, play peek-a-boo with the kids, high five guests through the glass and even pose for photos with excited guests.

And just when you think they really are mermaids, they will briefly rise to the top of the tank to catch a quick breath before resuming their dive. These incredible divers are so well trained they make this talent look easy, but it’s anything but.

One particular diver, Mermaid Melissa can remain submerged underwater for up to 4 minutes! With no weight or breathing apparatus, Melissa must rely on the power and strength of her lungs to keep her underwater for that long, which is the record at SeaWorld Orlando. Thanks to years of training Melissa was not only able to make and hold the record but she’s also made being a diver look carefree and eloquent. Her underwater adventures often look like she’s performing a dance as she spins, glides and gracefully maneuvers throughout the tank.

As they entertain they dig up sea treasures, particularly pearls for guests to remember them by. This “show” is the only place left in the world where you can witness pearl farming live and meet a pearl diver as they dive just for you in search of the perfect oyster shell. The pearls these divers are diving for are the Akoya Pearl from the south seas of Japan. Famous for their luster and shine they come in white, cream, peachy-pink, gold, blue and the rarest and most valuable, the black pearl.

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