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It’s official! You can now chow down on a real-life Krusty Burger at Universal Studios! Fast Food Boulevard, which includes replica restaurants from “The Simpsons” most famous eateries like Krusty Burger, Moe’s Tavern, The Frying Dutchman and more opened to the public on Saturday with tons of people flocking to try out the famous food.

Guests to Universal Studios will now not only be able to take a wacky adventure with the favorite animated family but they will now be able to eat and drink just like them too in Universal’s newest Springfield area addition. You’ll be completely immersed in the world of “The Simpsons” and there’s no better way to become a part of the family than through their food!

Next to Moe’s Tavern where guests can cool off with a foaming and exclusively brewed Duff Beer, the fake fast food chain Krusty Burger has received the most attention in the new food court. It’s no surprise why either. The Krusty Burger menu serves up the same mouthwatering burgers you see Homer gulp down episode after episode on the animated television series like the classic Krusty Burger - a six-ounce burger with Secret Sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, a giant tomato slice, iceberg lettuce served on a specialty bun.

The menu also includes the Clogger Burger – two 6 ounce burgers topped with applewood smoked bacon, Secret Sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, tomato, lettuce and a specialty bun; The Ribwich – boneless rib topped with coleslaw served on a specialty bun; Sideshow Bob Foot Long – foot-long Nathan’s Famous All-Beef hot dog topped with homemade chili, cheddar cheese sauce, coleslaw and diced onions and the Heat Lamp Dog – a six-inch Nathan’s Famous All-Beef hot dog. For those who prefer a meatless burger there’s a vegetarian option appropriately named Mother Nature Burger, which consists of a six-ounce black bean burger topped with guacamole and tomato slice served on a specialty bun.

In addition to Krusty Burger, Fast Food Boulevard is also home to Cletus’ Chicken and the tasty Chicken and Waffle Sandwich with maple syrup mayo, the Double Battered Chicken Platter and Thrilled to be Grilled Chicken Sandwich. You can also grab a slice at Luigi’s Pizza and catch the catch of the day at The Frying Dutchman. And if you have a sweet tooth you can satisfy your need for sugar with a cupcake or famous Lard doughnut at Lisa’s Teahouse of Horror.

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