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Blue Man Group Universal OrlandoYou’ve seen them spew paint all over the front row of the theater, you’ve marveled at their musical talents with paint cans and drumsticks and you’ve laughed when they made fun of a late arrival to their show by shining a light on them. Now you can take a piece of Blue Man Group Orlando home with you with one of their cool souvenirs available at each show, especially the ones that light up!

Who hasn’t wanted to bang on a paint can and have paint explode out of it like it does at Blue Man Group? Well, BMG Orlando is giving you the next best thing – Lumi Drumsticks! These colorful drumsticks light up in Blue Man Group’s favorite color, blue when you hit them against something. So now you really can smash them on a paint can, or any other can for that matter and you’ll see blue!

And while you may not be able to bring your drumsticks to work or school, Blue Man Group will always be with you with the BMG Projection Pen. That’s right, Projection Pen! This writing utensil allows you to both, well write and beam an image of Blue Man Group onto any wall via a tiny light inside the pen. Look out office meetings!

Your kids will also love the BMG Lumi Beads. Made of black beads and blue ones that light up, this piece of jewelry has just the right amount of flash to attract both boys and girls. And in keeping with the Lumi theme the BMG Lumi Rings pair perfectly with the BMG Lumi Beads. You’ll glow, and probably be able to navigate in the dark with this ring that pulses the Blue Man Group blue.

And of course, the ever-popular Blue Man Group music is also available for purchase. Continue the blue fun on your ride home with Blue Man Group’s many songs and sounds but don’t be too disappointed when you don’t hear the Blue Man Group Bathroom song on the CD. To hear that song, you’ll just have to visit the bathroom at the Blue Man Group show!

Please keep in mind all of the above souvenirs and merchandise can be purchased before or after the show. Blue Man Group asks not to use any of the light up items during the show because some parts of the production require complete darkness. If your kids just can’t resist air drumming with their Lumi Drumsticks during the show you might have to wait until after to beat that drum.

You can find all of these souvenirs and merchandise and many, many more at Blue Man Group Orlando with discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.