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Halloween Horror Nights 22 UpdatesBeginning September 21, Universal Studios will be transformed into a zombie-infected, alternate dimension, Alice Cooper scare fest for Halloween Horror Nights 2012. For 25 nights, the nation’s best Halloween event will strike fear in guests with terrifying haunted houses based on some of the most popular scary television series and films including AMC’s The Walking Dead and Silent Hill amongst others. But you already know about those. Here are some updates to Halloween Horror Nights 2012 that include a new haunted house, new street experiences that will have you screaming at every turn and even a scary show!

Universal Orlando recently revealed their full lineup of haunted houses and among Alice Cooper, Penn & Teller, The Walking Dead and Silent Hill is the creepy new house named “Gothic.” Located in Soundstage 20, Gothic is cathedral that has been created to look like it is under construction with scaffolding and all. According to the story, the gargoyles and other spirits of the church are less than excited about the renovations and will do anything to get the workers and you out of the church. Get ready for air cannon effects, scarecators jumping out from above and many more terrifying effects.

The new street experiences, which are essentially outdoor haunted houses will also include many special effects to get guests screaming, although not quite as elaborate as the haunted houses. In the past, Halloween Horror Nights scare zones were all located in one area so you know to expect some terrors if you enter. Likewise, if you are outside of it, you know you are safe from screaming your head off, for the time being. This year, all bets are off as Universal promises nobody is safe from the terror in the streets.

Guests can expect five different street experiences including vampires, beasts, warriors from a deadly battle, prisoners who were unable to escape a scorching fire, and traditional ghosts and goblins from the fears that live in your dreams. All street experiences will be lurking in the dark, waiting for the moment when you think you're safe before jumping from the darkness to hunt you down.

In addition to the haunted houses and re-invented street experiences, there will be live stage shows that will include the return of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure and a new second show, 20 Penny Circus: Fully Exposed.

Stay tuned for more updates on Halloween Horror Nights 2012. If you already know you want to attend this year’s scary event you can find discounted Halloween Horror Nights tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.