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Halloween Horror Nights 22 BeginsUniversal Orlando is putting to use the phrase “you can run but you can’t hide” at Halloween Horror Nights 2012, which kicks off tonight at the Orlando theme park. That’s because among the zombies, evil beings, and twisted freaks roaming the streets will be scarecators hiding in the dark, popping out at every turn to see just how loud you can scream. And this year you can’t get away from the terror no matter how hard you try.

The 22nd annual event is shaking things up a bit as it hopes to make guests feel as uncomfortable and scared as possible for their entire Halloween Horror Nights experience. Universal Orlando has decided to get rid of the boundaries of its “scare zones” this year, eliminating the security of safety guests have enjoyed in the past. Since Halloween Horror Nights came to be 22 years ago, these “scare zones” have always been a horrifying sort of outdoor haunted house located in one area. And it was always obvious when you were about to walk into the horror zone. But this year, the entire park will be one giant scare zone as the “scare actors” will roam freely throughout all night long leaving nowhere for you to hide!

"There's literally no place safe for our guests," says show director Patrick Braillard. "You can be sitting and munching on a hamburger and you're going to get hit."

So what exactly should you be on the look out for? They’re called the “legions of horror” and include beasts, goblins, vampires, dragon warriors and escaped prisoners. And here’s a twist -- the escaped prisoners are all females and all armed with chainsaws!

And while you desperately run from the horror in the streets, beware which haunted house you run into, as they are sure to be even more terrifying then what lurks outside.

This year’s haunted houses include creatures from the terrifying video game and movie, Silent Hill; “walkers” from the hit AMC TV series The Walking Dead; a 3D maze from Las Vegas magicians Penn & Teller called Penn & Teller New(kd) Las Vegas and a house that takes you into the disturbed mind of rocker Alice Copper in Welcome to My Nightmare. There will also be the “Gothic” house where gargoyles and other spirits of the church are revolting against the renovations taking place and will do anything to get the workers and you out of it.

In addition to the haunted houses and new “scare zones,” or lack thereof, Halloween Horror Nights 2012 will offer live stage shows that include the return of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure and a new second show, 20 Penny Circus: Fully Exposed.

If you’re heading to Universal Orlando this weekend, good luck! We’ll be back next week with more Halloween Horror Nights news.