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Halloween Horror Nights Full Reveal OFT

Orlando Fun Tickets has already filled you in on some of the horror that will take over Universal Studios when Halloween Horror Nights kicks off September 19. And today we’re back to give you a complete update on the houses, scare zones and shows that will have you running for your life.

Haunted Houses

AMC’s The Walking Dead – We couldn’t be more excited and more terrified that AMC’s The Walking Dead haunted house will return to the annual event for the third year in a row. This year’s house is based on the series’ most recent season so think Terminus, Herschel, burnt walkers and more flesh-eating zombies than before! This is the event’s biggest, most elaborate haunted house ever featuring more scareactors so make sure you head there first.

Halloween – The movie that started it all and the ultimate Halloween flick, “Halloween” will bring Michael Myers and his twisted mind to Halloween Horror Nights for a maze that walks you right through the horror from the original movie. The haunted house will start at the Myers home, go through each individual kill and ultimately end with Loomis and Myers. But you won’t just be a spectator in this maze. You can bet you’ll be running from the crazed killer throughout the entire thing.

Alien vs. Predator – It’s the battle you loved watching on the big screen but are scared to come in contact with in person. The highly anticipated Alien vs. Predator house will put you right in the middle of the savage battle between these two extraterrestrial species and it is your job to not get in the way of their fight. Side note: the haunted house is based on SyFy series not the John Woo film.

From Dusk Till Dawn – Just like in the hit El Rey Network series, From Dusk Till Dawn haunted house will put you right inside a biker bar where an ancient race of bloodthirsty vampires await your arrival, and they’re thirstier than usual.

Dracula Untold – Another vampire haunted house at his year’s Halloween Horror nights, Dracula Untold will tell the story you don’t know about the famous vampire, and it’s pretty gruesome. But it might be hard to focus on what is going on as you run from vampires and try to break free from the attacking Turks.

The Purge Anarchy – Inspired by Universal Pictures’ thriller The Purge, The Purge Anarchy house will put you face-to-face with masked vigilantes who want nothing more than to bring you harm. Will you be able to survive the house?

Face Off – No, this isn’t a nod to the 1997 film starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. Face Off at Halloween Horror Nights will instead surround you by some of the most terrifying creatures ever dreamed up from the minds of Hollywood special effects make-up artists. Who knows what you’ll come in contact with but we can guarantee all will be horrifying.

Dollhouse of the Damned – If you’ve always thought Grandma’s old porcelain doll was creepy you might want to stay away from this haunted house. Full of disturbing dolls, sometimes just their heads, sometimes just their limbs, Dollhouse of the Damned puts you inside the decaying walls of a house of evil. If you enter there is a chance you might never escape.

Giggles & Gore – It is hard to imagine a house that has the word “giggle” in it could be terrifying but Giggles & Gore Inc haunted house is just that – terrifying! Here you’ll witness the awful process that turns kidnapped people into clowns. If you didn’t hate clowns before, you will after this house.

Roanoke Cannibal Colony – Universal is taking this year’s Halloween Horror Nights a gruesome and sinister step further this year by incorporating cannibalism into the event. You’ll be able to find the flesh eating monsters at Roanoke Cannibal Colony house, but beware you just might become dinner.

Scare Zones

Just when you think you’re safe outside of a haunted house you are attacked by a gruesome character from “Face Off” or a masked man or woman from “The Purge: Anarchy.” This year’s scare zones, located in the street area between Shrek 4-D and Despicable Me will be infested with characters, creatures and monsters from some of the event’s haunted houses. You’ll get a better glimpse and a little one-on-one time with some of the terrifying beings from inside the houses.


In addition to the haunted houses, Universal will bring back the perennial fan-favorite and ever-popular Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. This year, Bill and Ted return with an all-new, especially excellent Halloween adventure. But don’t worry; they will still skewer the biggest names in entertainment and pop culture.

Halloween Horror Nights’ guests can also experience Universal’s tribute to Rocky Horror Picture Show. Stay tuned for more details on this quirky production.

Halloween Horror Nights runs September 19 through November 1. You can find discounted tickets to the horrifying event right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.