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Buena Vista Water Sports, pontoon boat rentalsOK, Orlando. It’s time to hit the water! The cold weather has slowly left the city and the rain is holding out so we need to get back on the water and get spring started. And there is only one place that can satisfy our water thrills and relaxation needs, Buena Vista Watersports.

Located just five minutes from Walt Disney World ® and less than 10 minutes from Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando, Buena Vista Watersports is a privately owned recreational water sports facility that offers Jet Ski Rentals, Wakeboard and Waterski lessons, boat rentals, paddle boarding and so many more exhilarating watersports fun all on the gorgeous Lake Bryan – a 450 acre, natural, spring fed lake surrounded by cypress trees and tropical foliage. The lake alone is worth visiting Buena Vista Watersports!

If nothing says summer to you than speeding through the chilly water on a Jet Ski, then try Buena Vista Watersports Jet ski rentals and hop on a Seadoo GTI for either a thirty-minute or 1-hour ride on the beautiful lake. You’ll first get a free lesson by instructors on how to handle and drive the Jet Ski and then the water is all yours!

And if you want to just soak up the sun and the incredible lake slow things down a bit with a Pontoon boat ride. Just like the Jet Ski rental, professional instructors will first show you how to operate the boat. Once you’ve learned the ways of the water grab up to 12 family members and enjoy a 1-hour relaxing boat ride through the glistening water. Spend the hour driving around and exploring nature or picnicking and swimming in the cool water. You can even bring fishing poles and try your hand at catching a few fish. Whatever you decide to do, the Pontoon boat rental is the perfect way to unwind.

Get a little bit closer to nature with the Kayak or Paddleboard rental. Both options will give you a serene experience of the lake and its surrounding foliage and wildlife, but not before a quick course on how to use them of course. If you choose the Kayak, grab a friend and spend an hour working together to maneuver the kayak around the lake. If you like to brave the water solo, spend that hour by yourself on the paddleboard rental and work on your balance and core as you take in the surrounding foliage and beauty of the lake.

In between thrill rides, long lines and character meet-and-greets enjoy a little time on the water with discounted Buena Vista Watersports tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets. It’s a perfect side quest, especially for families that like to exit Walt Disney World midday to do something different.