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Easter Weekend at Walt Disney World

Easter weekend is one of the busiest weekends of the year for Walt Disney World ®. It’s also one of the most exciting with tons of Easter activities like meet-and-greets by the Easter Bunny, egg hunts, parades and worship services. Plus, the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival adds special springtime freshness to the weekend with gorgeous flowers, stunning topiaries and spring-inspired dishes. All in all it’s a great time to be at Disney ® and one that shouldn’t be missed. To help make the most of your trip and keep you experiencing the magic all day long here are Orlando Fun Tickets’ top tips to do Easter in Walt Disney World ®:

Know Before You Go: It’s always helpful to know what’s going on in each park before you arrive and on Easter Weekend its especially helpful to stay up-to-date on opening times and if you’re staying at a Walt Disney World ® Resort morning Extra Magic hours so you can take advantage of more time in the park with less crowds. Today Magic Kingdom has both Magic Hours in the morning and at night, also on Easter Sunday as well!

Extra Magic Hours Schedule

Magic Kingdom:

Friday: 7am-8am & 1am-3am

Saturday: 7am-8am

Easter Sunday: 7am-8am & 1am-3am

Animal Kingdom:

Saturday: 7am-8am

Hollywood Studios:

Friday: 7am-8am


Easter Sunday: 8am-9am

And Then Arrive Early: Once you know opening times get to whichever park you’re planning to visit for the day before the turnstiles even open (we think at least a half hour before). Again, we’re thinking more time in the park with less people. Remember if you’re going to Magic Kingdom, account for at least 30 minutes for travel from parking to the entrance of Magic Kingdom. The parking transportation and the boat ride or the monorail to Magic Kingdom will take some time, so get there a bit earlier.

Do the FastPass Mad Dash: Once the gates are open dart to the rides that typically build lines quickly grab a FastPass then go ride other rides. If there’s no line, you can even ride it twice. Continue to get FastPasses as much as you can, alternating between a FastPass ride and non-FastPass ride. When the FastPasses run out and lines hit 90+ minutes grab lunch, go shopping or go to another park or head back to your hotel and plan to return at night for fireworks and other nighttime festivities. For Magic Kingdom, the New Fantasyland gets full fast, but if you get in right when the park opens or just early enough; queues should be descent to no wait times, especially if you’re staying at a Disney World Resort with Morning Magic Hours.

Consider Staying Late: Sometimes crowds die down as the sun sets and kids get sleepy so don’t rule out leaving too early unless you’re going to come back. Also, check out those Evening Extra Magic Hours. They may be late but they’re totally worth it and you get to do Disney ® at night! If you’re looking for short queue lines, it’s either the early morning or the late night; that’s your best options.

Now that you’ve planned and prepared for the crowds here are a few of the Easter activities you’ll be able to enjoy at Walt Disney World ®:

Magic Kingdom ® - You can’t celebrate Easter without the Easter Bunny and this Easter Weekend the Easter Bunny and his wife will be meeting-and-greeting guests at Bunny Lane Garden from 9 a.m. to 5:10 p.m. Catch them before they hop away to get ready for the Springtime Procession down Main Street U.S.A., which begins 15 minutes before the “Celebrate a Dream Come True” parade.

Epcot ® - Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny will also be posing with guests at Epcot ® during Disney’s Limited Time Magic Spring Fling Week from now through March 31. The bunny couple will host special Easter activities in the United Kingdom pavilion including Easter Egg hunts, relay races and more family fun.

If you’re looking for a more traditional way to celebrate Easter you can enjoy one of Walt Disney World’s ® religious services at the Contemporary Resort in the Fantasia Ballroom on Sunday, March 31. There will be a Catholic Mass at 8 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. and a Protestant Service at 9 a.m.

Have fun and Happy Easter!