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Architecture and Design at Walt Disney WorldArchitecture may not be the first thing you think of when you think of Walt Disney World ® but the park’s incredible buildings and structures are pretty hard to miss once you’re in any of Disney’s four parks. That’s because those buildings and structures house some of your favorite rides and attractions, and if you think about it are attractions themselves. Here is the top structural designs in Walt Disney World ®:

Cinderella Castle - Modeled after Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, Cinderella Castle is by far one of Walt Disney World’s ® most beautiful structures. Regardless of how many times you’ve visited Magic Kingdom ®, Cinderella Castle always manages to stop guests in their tracks with its grandeur and beauty.  The castle is actually only 190 feet tall but thanks to an optical illusion called forced perspective, Cinderella castle looks much larger than it actually is and one of our favorite buildings in Disney ®.

Africa – Animal Kingdom ® - Set in the fictional east African village of Harambe, the Africa area in Animal Kingdom ® isn’t just one building, it’s an entire township that takes guests through the forest and into villages they might experience on a real African adventure. And that feat alone is why we have great respect for the architecture in the Africa area in Animal Kingdom ®

Imagination! Pavilion – Epcot ® - Located on the western side of Future World, the Imagination building is hard to miss. That’s because it’s not just any building, it is two glass pyramids surrounded by jumping fountains! Inside the buildings are a slew of popular Epcot ® rides and attractions but it’s the glass pyramid buildings that wow us the most.

Spaceship Earth – Epcot ® - Epcot’s ® iconic structure, Spaceship Earth is perhaps the most complex building in Disney ®. Designed with the help of science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, Spaceship Earth is a complete sphere, supported by three pairs of legs. It is made up of 11,324 silvered facets, with 954 partial or full flat triangular panels that give the structure its golf ball look. Construction on the massive building took 26 months and 40,800 labor hours to build.

World Showcase - Epcot ® - Whenever you can bring a country’s sights, sounds and smells to visitors without having them leave the country you have one successful attraction. And that’s exactly what World Showcase does with its 11 countries. Much like the Africa area in Animal Kingdom ®, World Showcase is made up of more than one unique building and each pavilion lets guests travel the world and experience everything that country is known for, including their buildings. In Norway you’ll travel through a tenth-century Viking village on the ride Maelstrom. In Italy you can see the reproduction of the Doge’s Palace and gondolas tied up in the World Showcase Lagoon, which was inspired by Romantic Venice and there is even a replica of Marrakesh’s Koutoubia Ninaret in the Morocco Pavilion that transports you right to the “Western Kingdom.”

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