Inside the Ride

Inside Blue Horizons Dolphin Show at SeaWorld OrlandoIt’s not everyday you get to experience acrobats, dolphins, macaws, animal trainers and divers perform in one spectacular show, but at SeaWorld Orlando’s Blue Horizons you’ll get to see all of that and more as the sea and sky unites at this unbelievable show!

Blue Horizons debuted in 2005, in the park’s Whale and Dolphin Theater. Since then the jaw-dropping production has used its Cirque-style acrobatics, musical narrative and marine animals to lure in thousands of guests every single day for an aquatic show they won’t find anywhere else in Orlando, or the park for that matter.

To create this dynamic show, SeaWorld Orlando collaborated with Orlando’s most inventive and artistic experts creating both an over-the-top theatrical experience through the use of the show’s larger-than-life set, astounding costuming and show gripping development with the always fascinating feats of SeaWorld’s aquatic animals and their trainers. Throw in acrobatics and divers and you have one production you have to see to believe.

Guests to Blue Horizon will follow a young girl named Marina as she discovers the secrets of the sea and sky. Aspiring to swim and fly with the spirits of the sea and sky, Marina takes audiences on an incredible journey where dolphins and tropical birds including blue and gold macaws, Andean condors and sun conures show her the beauty of both the air and sea. And like most of SeaWorld Orlando’s animal shows, the action takes place both above and below the waters.

Accompanied by a musical score, elaborately costumed divers and aerialists plunge off the complex set and into and out of the deep blue waters. Trainers are also a part of this incredible production as they perform alongside their aquatic animals, giving the audience a sort of behind-the-scenes glimpse into life as an animal trainer. But it’s the dolphin’s tricks like the mid air summersaults, flips and twists that really wow the audience. There are also twenty macaws, Andean condors and sun conures who soar high above the audience as they ascend toward the horizon.

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