Inside the Ride


Who doesn’t love bumper cars? And who doesn’t love Buzz Lightyear from the hit Disney ® film series, “Toy Story?” Walt Disney World ® knows that you love both so they have taken two of your favorite things and combined them for one thrilling attraction, Astroblasters at the indoor interactive theme park DisneyQuest!

Located in the Replay Zone in DisneyQuest Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters isn’t your average bumper car experience. The zany bumper car ride takes riders on an intergalactic journey where you pilot your own futuristic bumper car in a battle against other drivers! You won’t just “bump” into other cars, you’ll actually blast them as you drive around picking up “asteroids” aka nerf balls, loading them into your blaster and firing them at other cars. And when you finally hit another car you’ll send them spinning into space! How fun is that?

Here’s how it works – guests will climb into futuristic looking bumper cars, called astroblasters (either a green or purple one). Once inside your astroblaster you will notice the “asteroids” scattered all over the floor. By driving over these nerf balls your car will actually collect them, allowing you to load them into your cannon. Once loaded, the objective is to aim at the pink starbursts on the front and sides of your opponent’s astroblaster then fire away! A direct hit will cause your opponent to lose control and spin 360 degrees! Each astroblaster has Plexiglass windows and seats two so grab a friend and get blasting!

Part of what makes Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters so thrilling is that you are manning several different tasks at once, all while trying not to get blasted! As you drive through the course make sure you’re paying attention to where you are going while trying to pick up and load “asteroids” and shoot other drivers. In the midst of it all you’re bound to get hit and go spinning but that’s ok because it is all a part of the wild experience.

For an out-of-this-world bumper car ride head to DisneyQuest today and take a spin on Buzz Lightyears Astroblasters! And for more Buzz Lightyear and “Toy Story” rides and attractions at Walt Disney World ® look for discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.

Photo: Alex Mateo