Inside the Ride


If you have kids there is a chance you’ve been to Fievel’s Playland at Universal Orlando. Designed to make you feel as if you have been shrunken down to mouse size, this play area is filled with oversized props from the Fievel films including a 1,000-gallon cowboy hat, a 30-foot spider web to climb on, tins to crawl through, swaying bridges to cross and much more!

Located in the Woody Woodpecker KidZone, guests will enter Fievel’s Playland and instantly be greeted with overflowing water features and fountains. This is just a hint as to what’s to come as you further venture into the area. As you do you’ll pass giant props and playthings like giant glasses, an oversized “The Life and Times of Wyllie Burp” book, huge newspapers, playing cards, cattle skeletons and much more. The kids will love climbing on the ropes, crawling through the props and feeling like they are actually a mouse in this giant world.

Further back in Fievel’s Playland is perhaps the best part about the area – a three-story water slide. If your kids know about the water slide it’s hard to keep them from this fun feature. That’s because the slide spans a total of 200 feet and lets children slide down it on a raft!

But sliding down the wet slide isn’t the only exciting thing about Fievel’s water slide. Adventurous guests can get to the top of the slide by climbing up a rope tunnel that spirals upwards. At the top, kids can climb into a two-kid rubber raft and slide back down another tunnel to the bottom. If your kid doesn’t want to climb to the top every time there is a set of stairs that will take them straight to the top.

Make sure your waiting for your child at the bottom of the slide with camera in hand. As the kids splash out of the tunnel get ready to snap a few photos. These make for great souvenirs. You’ll know when your child is coming thanks to a ground-level video monitor located at the top of the slide.

Fievel’s Playland opens at 9 a.m. and there are typically no wait times to enter, but long lines do form around the waters slide, especially in the hotter summer months. It’s also worth mentioning that your children have to be 40 inches to ride the water slide. If they are not that tall you can accompany them down to the bottom.

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