Inside the Ride


Building a LEGO figure at LEGOLAND Florida is nothing new but building and operating a LEGO robot at the park is an entirely different story and that’s exactly what you’ll get to experience at the fun-filled attraction LEGO Mindstorms at LEGOLAND Florida!

Located in Imagination Zone, LEGO Mindstorms offers three different 45-minute classes where children can interact with LEGO robot, and each really is an educational experience. Be sure to get there early and make a reservation for your child. The first has been designed for children 9 – 13 and allows students design a program that would permit a robot to operate. Once the program has been established the students will put the robot through a series of small tasks. The second Mindstorm class, also for children 9-13 involves a pre-built robot explorer who offers several challenges including collecting treasure and defeating an opponent. The third class, designed for children 7-13 allows students to build their own crocodile robot.

While in each class, the student is given a laptop and robot to complete their challenges, which includes pretty clear instructions so nobody gets confused. In each class is a teacher who is available for any questions. Parents, you are allowed to sit in on the workshop.

Field trips to LEGOLAND Florida can also include a stop at LEGO Mindstorms. In fact, the program is so educational and such a hit, chances are you’ll have to make a reservation in order to get a spot around the classroom trips that are often at the build experience. If your child does take a trip to LEGOLAND Florida for Mindstorms, there are two different Mindstorms programs they can test out – LEGO Mindstorms: Dr. Heartbeat and LEGO Mindstorms: Adventure Bot

LEGO Mindstroms: Dr. Heartbeat lets children complete a series of life-saving operations and medical procedures through the use of a computer, light and sound sensors and motors. Similarly, LEGO Mindstorms: Adventure Bot uses the same technology to let kids retrieve golden marble treasures with Adventure Bot and hide them from the treasure hunters.

To build your way to fun, including building a LEGO robot look for discounted LEGOLAND Florida tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets. And if you happen to be at the Orlando theme park this December make sure you stick around for Christmas Bricktacular with even more build stations and all of the LEGOs you need for a cheerful holiday!