Inside the Ride


Roller coaster enthusiasts are probably very familiar with coaster Manta at SeaWorld Orlando. With its ability to spin, glide and fly through the air, making you feel like a stingray in the ocean, this thrill ride will satisfy any adrenaline junkie’s needs. And even if you aren’t up to the screams of a roller coaster, Manta will still lure you in with it’s awesome speeds and unbelievable smoothness.

Your journey into the ocean as a manta begins when you enter the ride’s queue. Designed to look like a seaside village this area is decorated with mosaics and other artwork inspired by the gorgeous stingrays you’re about to encounter. As you take in the artwork, you’ll also get a glimpse inside the ocean with views of the sea’s other majestic creatures. Thanks to ceiling Plexiglass windows, you’ll have a first row seat into their world as they swim and play above you.

Eventually you will reach the loading area and strap yourself into one of the ride’s floorless chairs. As your feet dangle your heart starts to race, not knowing what to expect from this ocean adventure. The ride instantly begins by climbing a 140-foot lift hill. As you ascend to the top make sure you take a look at the other ride vehicles. SeaWorld shaped each car like a manta ray, complete with a wingspan of 12 feet to make you feel even more like you’re a manta in the ocean!

Once at the top, you’ll have no time to think as the train dives down towards the right instantly and then swoops upward where if you can catch your breath you need to attempt a smile for the on-ride photo cameras! Then, after a thrilling and scream-worthy head-first, face-down inverted nosedive the powerful ray leads you back up to the top where it takes a U-turn to the left through a pretzel loop and into a counter-clockwise inline twist. And just when you think it can’t get anymore exciting, Manta exits the twist and goes straight into a 270-degree downward helix to the right, passing so close to the ground if you reach out you can almost touch it. Then it’s one more pretzel loop into the ride’s first corkscrew before climbing the return track and diving down towards a lagoon. Amongst all of the screaming and eye shutting you’ll want to be careful not to get wet here as one of the train’s wings looks like it will skim the water. The ride ends with a second corkscrew turn and a final U-turn into the station.

If all of those dips, dives turns and flips have you choosing to keep your feet on the ground you can still experience the beauty of the stingray in the Manta Aquarium. Here you can explore 10 different habitats, more than 100 rays and thousands of colorful fish, all one incredible underwater attraction.

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