Inside the Ride

Muppet Vision Hollywood StudiosYou’ve seen them take Manhattan, fly in space, perform their own version of The Christmas Carol, and star in their own television series but you’ve never seen The Muppets like this – in 3D! Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World ® is the only place in Orlando where guests will be able to join the Muppet gang for a spectacular 3D journey in the incredible show, Muppet Vision 3D.

And just like in most Hollywood Studios ® rides and attractions, the 3D fun starts before guests even step foot into the Muppet Theater. Guests will enter a soundstage area where they’ll immediately be transported to the world of The Muppets as silly movie-making props fill the area.  As you take a look around and marvel at the kooky pieces, you’ll be able to watch a 12-minute pre-show starring Gonzo, Rizzo the Rat, Scooter and several other of your favorite Muppet characters as they prepare for the big 3D show.

After it looks like the Muppet crew is ready for you, guests will be given 3D glasses and will be escorted into a theater that looks strikingly similar to the Muppet Theater from the television series, The Muppet Show. Once settled into your seat the lights will dim and the curtain will rise revealing the entire Muppet cast including the popular characters and adorable couple Kermit and Miss Piggy. After the crowd’s excitement dies down, the characters invite you on a wacky tour of Muppet Labs for a demonstration of their newest film process, Muppet Vision 3D. But like most endeavors the Muppets take on, this one doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. During a test presentation with Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, the high-tech 3D technology goes awry and the audience is witness to a string of destructive and hilarious events – all in 3D!

And that’s not all, Muppet Vision 3D also introduces audiences to the world’s first computer-generated Muppet, Waldo C Graphic. There is also kooky musical numbers and incredible 4D special effects you wouldn’t expect from the Muppets. The kids will also love the surprise water splashes and other effects that will have the entire family giggling. In the end, this 3D show and all of its Muppet madness will remind you why you loved The Muppets in the first place and will have you coming back for more family-friendly Muppet fun.

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