Inside the Ride


You’ve never seen sharks like this! Imagine walking under the sea where the ocean’s most ferocious predators swim and slither all around you. The only thing that separates you from the razor sharp teeth of the prehistoric creatures is a tunnel. And as scary as you might feel walking through the teeth and fins, you’re also beyond excited to be seeing these majestic sharks so up-close and in a way you never have before. It’s the Shark Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando and it’s an absolute thrilling animal encounter you have to experience.

You’ll enter Shark Encounter through one of the world’s largest underwater viewing tunnels. Once inside you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of different species of sharks from all over the world that swim above and on the side of you in the 60 feet long tunnel. The experience is unbelievably unique as you feel like you’re actually underwater with these incredible creatures.

But the sharks aren’t the only underwater creatures to marvel at during this underwater adventure. Prior to getting to the big tunnel of sharks, guests can learn more about how sharks not only help the ocean, but are also being hunted to the point of extinction. There are also interactive elements such as a touch screen that allows you to compare different species of sharks and learn more about each one of them. Plus, visitors can see live shark eggs in a sort of incubator. When you hit the button on the screen a light comes on revealing the baby sharks, aka pups. Lastly, you can become one with the sharks in the tank by crawling inside a set of Great White Shark jaws. It’s the scariest photo opportunity you may ever encounter!

If all of these shark encounters are making you hungry you can cap off your predator day with one more shark meeting at Sharks Underwater Grill. This full-service restaurant once again puts you face to face with the ocean’s most fierce predators as your table sits next to a giant shark tank! Dining has never been so fearsome!

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