Inside the Ride


Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios officially began this past Friday and in just three days of being open Orlando Fun Tickets has already collected some gory details about one of the premiere Halloween event’s haunted houses – The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven haunted house.

Back by popular demand from last year, The Walking Dead haunted house still offers the same flesh-eating zombies as before but this year you’ll travel to the abandoned prison and Woodbury, where you’ll come in contact with even more evil. The horror starts with the Walker stadium scene from Woodbury in last season’s “The Walking Dead.” Here you’ll run into a “walker” either in a cage or on a chain. The first sight of the undead will startle you but you’ll soon relax when you see the “walkers” are all tied up... for now.

As you go further into the house to enter Woodbury, where you’ll be startled by Milton, the Governor’s right hand-man turned “walker,” as lunges at you. You’ll also see first-hand the Governor’s torture chair. Then into the Governor’s Room you’ll go where you’ll see his now-iconic display of walker heads in fish tanks. Guests will also run into his flesh-eating daughter, Penny, who isn’t as adorable as she once was. Once you leave the Governor’s Room you’ll spot a bloodied and very undead Merle behind a fence by the Woodbury post office. As you scream, shriek and try to run from the zombies you may be wondering where all the survivors are. Just then you’ll witness one shooting a “walker” and it’s not a pretty sight.   

Eventually you will make your way to the prison where Rick and his crew have decided to call home. But before you too can call it home sweet home you’ll have to fight off walkers in full riot gear. Remember to look up and see the iconic watchtower as you dodge the SWAT team zombies.

Next you’ll go inside the prison. As you slowly walk through see if you can spot Lori and when you do try and pick up the phone just like Rick did when he thought it rang after Lori died. The prison hallways will eventually take you to a survivor getting eaten alive by a walker! 

And as if that doesn’t scare you enough, a dash through “walkers” that have taken over the prison cellblock will keep your heart racing as they lunge at you for their next meal. As you try and dodge the grabbing hands be on the look out for a leg on a table to the left. It belongs to Herschel, but we’re not sure he wants it back.

For the chance to come face-to-face with “walkers” from Woodbury and the prison look for discounted Halloween Horror Nights tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets and make sure you stay tuned for more news on the event’s haunted houses.