Inside the Ride

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She may be small but she’s certainly mighty and with just a sprinkle of her pixie dust, guests to Magic Kingdom ® at Walt Disney World ® will be able to experience Disney’s ® most popular fairy, Tinkerbell at her meet-and-greet home Tinkerbell’s Magical nook.

This magical meet-and-greet experience lets Disney’s ® littlest guests shrink down to the size of a fairy and step inside Tinkerbell’s fascinating home. Here, Tinkerbell and her friends invite you to join them in a beautiful, natural setting filled with a collection of Tinkerbell’s treasures from the Mainland.

Located inside a cutting of the Home Tree in Pixie Hollow this meet-and-greet experience begins with a walk through queue filled with pictures that celebrate the fairies favorite pixie pals and places. And as you meander through make you’ll see many portraits transform into other images right before your eyes! One such image is that of the Home Tree, which changes to reveal different images of Tinkerbell and friends.

From the first queue you’ll then enter a second queue that takes you through a porthole of glittering grass that shrinks you down to fairy size. When you’re the right size you’ll be walk into an area that’s filled with flowers, trees and leaves and more of Tinkerbell’s treasures from the Mainland, including a full-size teacup.

After exploring Tinkerbell and her fairies’ treasures you’ll finally get to meet the popular fairy, who will help you discover your inner fairy talent! The best part about this experience is that Tinker and her friends really take the time with the kids. Not only do they sign autographs and photos, but many times they are seen dancing with the children, laughing, asking questions about humans and why they do the things they do.

Tinkerbell will always be at this meet-and-greet but you never quite know who else she’ll bring along with her. Your visit may also include being sprinkled by the frost fairy Periwinkle, garden fairy Rosetta or one of Tinkerbell’s other friends from Pixie Hollow.

A little tip: If meeting Tinker Bell is a must-do on your Disney ® trip, go to Tinkerbell’s Magical Nook first thing in the morning. 30-40 minute waits are not uncommon for this meet-and-greet. The good news is if you do have to wait you’ll be in air-conditioning as opposed to outside like many of the other meet-and-greet experiences. There are also short Tinkerbell movie clips that keep you entertained while you wait.

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