Inside the Ride


Walt Disney World ® is a place where magic happens, and once you step inside the gates of this Orlando theme parks it is also a place where adventure awaits. Once such attraction that exists is Tom Sawyer Island inside of Magic Kingdom ®. Inspired by the stories of Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer Island is a magical place where kids and adults will travel across the Rivers of America and discover a place influenced by the many different worlds of the famous author.

You adventure begins when board a log raft just beyond the queue of Tom Sawyer Island in Frontierland. Here you’ll set sail across the Rivers of America to the imaginative place of Tom Sawyer Island. Once at the heart of America, guests will embark on a self-guided expedition and meander through narrow passages, uncover an age-old fort, walk across creaky suspension bridges and much more as you explore the many different paths that make up the island.

Just like in Mark Twain’s many books, there is certainly no shortage of adventure on Tom Sawyer Island. During your visit, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some of the island’s legendary sites including:

Harper’s Mill – This giant waterwheel is more than meets the eye. As you marvel at the size of the thing make sure you check out what’s on the inside. There you’ll find an homage to one of Disney’s ® earliest animated films, The Old Mill.

Injun Joe’s Cave – This forgotten cave will give adventurers a bit of a challenge as they trek through tight passageways to get to it. Once there you’ll find strange fossils and jetting stalagmites in a haunted pit.

Fort Langhorn – You’ll be thrust back into the early frontier settlement at Fort Langhorn where a blacksmith shop, watch towers, stables and an escape tunnel have been recreated for you to experience what life would be like back then.

Potter’s Mill – A crooked bridge takes you to this wooden mill where you can see gorgeous views of the Rivers of America you came across to get to the Island as well as Frontierland.

Tom Sawyer Scavenge Fort – Here’s where the adventure really gets exciting! This play area includes everything to keep the littlest kiddos active including a slide through tube, small bridge and much more.

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