Inside the Ride


Budding paleontologists can dig their way to fun at the Boneyard Fossil Fun Site at Disney’s Animal Kingdom ®. This unique interactive spot lets children ages 10 and under discover a world of dinosaurs buried deep under the ground for a fun and educational experience they’ll be talking about long after leaving the park.

Essentially an elaborate playground, the Boneyard at Animal Kingdom ® takes kids on a prehistoric adventure where they will do everything from climb atop rocks to cross rickety bridges, roam in mysterious caves for bones and careen down twisted slides. A And of course, a boneyard isn’t a boneyard without some digging, which is why kids will also get the opportunity to dig up the remains of a giant Wooly Mammoth, among other ancient dinosaurs in a nearby sandpit. Don’t be surprised if one of these sand pits is closed during your visit. Throughout the day, the sandbox is periodically closed to the bones can be reburied for the next group to discover!

Taking up about half an acre, the Boneyard is one of Disney’s ® bigger play areas and with two stories it is full of the playground equipment and thrills a child is looking for. Aside from climbing on rocks, digging up bones and loosing your balance on rickety bridges, kids can also get up close and personal with the skeletons of Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus and the like, all of which children can o swing, slide and climb on. There are also plenty of doors and lids to open and see what is inside as well as giant dinosaur footsteps that lets kiddos see just how big dinosaurs really were. Kids should also be on the lookout for personal possessions and notes from professors working in the area. This adds to the excitement of the dig site.

Because the Boneyard is situated in the middle of Animal Kingdom ® it is a great place to let the kids blow off some steam before heading to another ride or attraction. Please keep in mind that due to the sand in the dig site and the fact that the area is not completely covered, the Boneyard can get very hot in the summer months so make sure everybody is well hydrated during their play.

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