Inside the Ride

Congo River Rapids at Bush Gardens TampaThrill seekers from across the globe all agree that the Congo River offers some of the best rapids in the world. That’s why Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has brought the turbulent waters of the Congo to their park with the ultimate adventure water ride, Congo River Rapids! Now, you can experience the choppy white waters of the Congo without leaving Florida!

This thrilling white-water raft adventure will take guests flying and twirling down a re-creation of the Congo River where there’s a surprise at just about every turn and plenty of splashes to keep you cool for the rest of the summer.

The soaked-to-the-bone thrill ride begins as you and eleven of your friends and family board a circular bright yellow raft. Riders will then slowly transition into the rapids as the raft descends down a calm, winding strip of water. This part of the ride is about the only time you’ll experience such a calm. As you slowly float down into the river, you’ll hear the crashing waves as you get closer and closer. Suddenly your raft crashes into the stonewalls and you’ll experience your first big splash of the ride as water floods your raft and soaks everybody sitting inside, especially the person sitting on the side where the water first hits.

After some more crashing and lots more splashing, the raft makes its way under a bridge where a tunnel looms ahead. Riders will experience a short break from the splashes and plunges as they enter the tunnel only to hear the waves crashing overhead. As you exit the tunnel, the raft will immediately float back into the winding river where there are an entirely new set of bumps, twists and turns to experience. Except this time, the waves are bigger, the splashes are more intense and the river gets faster, pushing the raft in every choppy direction. Eventually the tumultuous water slows and riders face a very narrow waterway with gorgeous waterfalls lining both sides. And while the waterfalls may be beautiful to look at they too serve a wet punch as your raft once again becomes filled with tons of water as you pass through. The waterfalls signify the end of the ride and the raft will stop at an unloading dock where guests will hop off and hopefully get right back in line!

One of the highlights of the Congo River Ride is that you can take the white water adventure all day long and not experience the same soaks, dips, twists and turns twice. And if you’d rather just hear about the Congo River adventures, you can still get in on the fun by trying to fire water spray jets at passing rafts.

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