Inside the Ride

Inside Dinosaur at Animal Kindom

You are roaming a black forest in search of a 3.5-ton Iguanadon from the Cretaceous era. Your mission was to travel back 65 million years ago to capture the giant dinosaur and bring it back to present day. But there is one problem, the Iguanadon is nowhere to be found and scary shapes lurk in the bushes, waiting to pounce. It may sound like a nightmare but it is actually the thrilling adventure ride Dinosaur at Disney’s Animal Kingdom ®!

Dinosaur begins when riders enter the Dino Institute, a once secret research facility where guests can marvel at real dinosaur remains scattered throughout. After taking in the large bones, you’ll be escorted into a room for a pre-show video, in which Dr. Marsh announces that guests are to board Time Rovers that will take them on tours of the early Cretaceous era. But in a frantic panic another doctor; Dr. Seeker informs guests that they will actually be sent on an unauthorized field trip to the end of the Cretaceous period to rescue Aladar, an Iguanadon from extinction. But there is just one problem, the time period in which guests are to be sent is dangerously close to the time when the meteor that killed the dinosaurs hits.

After learning of their mission, and of the potential danger, guests proceed down a staircase to the underground loading area where they’ll board one of the Time Rovers and are taken into the time tunnel. Suddenly lights flash then go out, as a field of stars appears overhead, and the next thing you see is a dark prehistoric jungle before you.

As your Time Rover roams the jungle you can sense things are watching you, lurking in the almost pitch black. Several dinosaurs, some friendly and safe, others not so much stand on the sides, watching your vehicle pass as they search for food and you search for the Iguanadon.

Suddenly Dr. Seeker thinks he spots Aladar and takes off speeding into the jungle. But what he thinks is an Iguanadon ends up being a man-eating Carnotaurus. In a desperate attempt to flee the Carnotaurus and get back to present day before the meteor strikes, your Time Rover will speed through the jungle, almost colliding with other dinosaurs and falling down drops for a high-speed thrill ride. After seeing just how ferocious the Carnotaurus can be, riders eventually find Aladar, who helps them escape the dangerous dinosaur and get out of the jungle before the meteor hits. With seconds to spare the Time Rover returns to the institute and everybody arrives safely. And just when you didn’t think Aladar made it you see the giant dinosaur roaming the institute’s halls!

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