Inside the Ride

Dudley DoRight Ripsaw FallsDudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls at Islands of Adventure has everything you could want in a theme park adventure – a thrilling drop, a splashy finish and comedy throughout, making for one of the best thrill rides in Orlando. In fact, Dudley Do-Right’s is so much fun the Golden Ticket Awards awarded it Best Water Ride in 2011.

Follow Dudley Do-Right himself in this hilarious adventure as you travel the Canadian North Woods trying to stop scoundrel Snidley Whiplash from harming the fair Nell Fenwick. Along the way you’ll both laugh and scream at the ride’s goofy commentary and heart-pounding 75-foot drop.

The ride begins as you enter a queue-type area (watch out for splashes from the ride above) where you pass through Snidley Whiplash’s hideout and a theater that spoofs such classic films like Jaws and Star Wars. It’s here where you see just how evil Snidley is as he kidnaps the innocent Nell Fenwick from a dressing room.

After you witness the kidnapping, you’ll board your ride flume and meet the ride’s main character, Dudley Do-Right, for the first time, who vows to save Nell as you climb the rides ascent, which takes you outside. Make sure you keep your eyes open when you get to the top because you’ll experience some of the best views of Islands of Adventure before going back indoors to Wontabee Mine.

After a ride through the mine, Snidley appears again and this time he’s tying Nell to the train tacks along with Dudley Do-Rights pals Horse and Inspector Fenwick. But before you can do anything about it, you’ll enter a cave where the light from the oncoming train fills the room. Then suddenly the cave goes dark and the next thing you know, you fall down a drop. It’s not a big enough drop to make you’re heart stop, but it’s a taste of what’s to come. After recovering from the drop, it’s back outside where you learn Dudley has become trapped in a sawmill.

Suddenly your flume drops to ground level and all you see are funny signs (literally) that tell you to turn around and go back. Your flume climbs a second lift and puts you right in the middle of Snidley’s lair. Just as you enter Snidley’s hideout, you’ll be plunged down a 75-foot drop into a dynamite shack called Highly Kaboomamble. And kaboom it goes just as you pass it before being lifted back uphill only to be thrust back down into a pool for a splashy finish. If you managed not to get wet, wait for it. You’re not out of the woods yet.  The bridge that goes over the ride has coin operated water soakers that he your drenched in no time. With an innocent passersby’s good timing, expect the shooters that surround the very end of the ride a wet hazard.  You can always look up and see if anyone is looking down and waiting as a good way to know if there’s more wetness to come.

In the end Snidley is locked up in jail, Dudley Do-Right is awarded a medal and you are beaming with delight from the fantastically comedic and fun ride. The narrator will comment “A mountie always gets his man, but not always his girl” because Dudley can never catch a break.

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