Inside the Ride

Inside Ellen's Energy Adventure at EpcotIf you can’t quite seem to get tickets to Ellen Degeneres’ popular daytime television talk show you can always catch the funny lady at Walt Disney World ® at Epcot’s  ® Ellen’s Energy Adventure. In the attraction, Ellen serves as the tour guide, taking guests on a whimsical and hilarious multimedia ride through time to examine the forces that fuel our lives and the universe.

Ellen’s Energy Adventure begins as you watch an eight-minute film in which Ellen falls asleep and dreams of being on an energy-themed episode of Jeoprady! playing against her college rival “Smart Judy” (Jamie Lee Curtis). Unfortunately, Ellen knows nothing about energy and her dream of playing on Jeopardy! quickly becomes a nightmare. Fortunately, Ellen’s neighbor just so happens to be the famous science guru Bill Nye the Science Guy and with his help Ellen travels back through time to learn how energy is produced, the history of energy production, and the search for new energy resources.

After the pre-show, guests then enter the attraction’s theater and are seated in one of six seating areas where they are shown another film. But this time Billy Nye takes Ellen on a thrilling journey through some of the biggest energy happenings in the universe. The first stop is back billions of years ago to the Big Bang and then into a prehistoric jungle where Bill explains the formation of fossil fuels.

Once the film ends, the theater seating area turns 90 degrees to the left and moves into the primeval diorama. The theater seating then breaks up into six-multi-passenger vehicles that take riders on a 7-minute adventure through the diorama that includes several different species of animatronic dinosaurs (Watch out. They sneeze!) and even has Ellen fighting off an Elasmosaurus with a tree branch!

From there guests will enter a second theater where their vehicles will reassemble into the original theater seating formation. Here you’ll listen to a brief prehistoric broadcast and then view a 12-minute live-action film where Bill and Ellen take a look at various current and future energy resources. The ride concludes back in the original theatre where the adventure began where you’ll watch the two-minute conclusion of Ellen’s Jeopardy! dream. Does she beat out “Smart Judy” now that she knows more about energy? You’ll just have to take a ride to find out!

Note: this is the only ride in Orlando that’s 45 minute long and also features Alex Trebek.  It’s highly entertaining and Ellen’s 90s hair is awesome!

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